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Revo DAB Radios

Revo might not be as big a name as other brands like Pure or Roberts. Among audiophiles, though, they are perhaps the best-regarded radios on the market. Taking a look at their range, it’s easy to see why this is. For one thing, their sound quality is second to none. But more than that, their DAB radios hark back to an era when hifis truly mattered. With a stunning retro-futurist design, these sets are sure to become a real talking point in your home!

What makes Revo DAB Radios so special?

It’s safe to say that Revo are thoroughly committed to their craft. Over the past decade, their in-house engineers have constantly been striving to provide the very best sound quality to their users. To do that, they use custom built parts that pack a powerful punch. Ask any speaker expert, and they will tell you that Revo deliver built-in bass like no one else. Their use of real wood casing also adds further to the acoustics, for a listening experience that is second to none.

As well as their sound quality, Revo DAB radios are also remarkably stylish objects in their own right. For sheer design, Revo are by far the best speaker brand operating today. Every tiny detail has been agonised over, from the wonderfully user-friendly joystick controls to the period-perfect front grille. This all adds up to DAB radios that sound as good as they look- and when they are this high-quality, that’s not an easy thing to pull off!

Browse the full Revo range

Here at liGo, we stock the complete Revo DAB radio range. Each model offers something slightly different, and there are options ranging from smaller, bedside radios to room-filling soundsystems. First up is the SuperSignal. As their entry level model, this is the ideal way to experience what makes the brand so special. It’s small enough to fit comfortably on a shelf or bedside cabinet, but comes with a robust speaker that can hold its own against much larger models. For medium sized rooms, we recommend the SuperConnect, which certainly lives up to its name. It can be hooked up to virtually anything for impeccable sound, and it also has built-in internet connectivity as well. Finally, at the top end of the range is the Revo SuperCD. As the name suggests, this includes a built in CD player, so you can enjoy truly lossless listening. With a formidably-sized set of stereo speakers, this is a great choice for larger rooms, or anyone who appreciates excellent audio.

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