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Digital baby monitors

A new baby needs constant care and attention from the moment they’re born, but it’s not always possible (or practical) to be with them every second of the day. Whether making yourself a coffee to stave off the effects of your sleep deprivation, or trying to catch some shut eye while baby is asleep; a baby monitor can be a reassuring tool for parents and baby alike (with most featuring a two-way talk back function). Listen to every gurgle, breath, and heart warming noise in outstanding clarity thanks to interference DECT technology; or switch the sound off and enjoy some grown up time with your partner (visual indicators will let you keep an eye on the noise levels in baby’s room).

Video & Audio Monitors

Originally designed for parents to hear when a sleeping baby in another room wakes up, baby monitors have evolved to include video and motion detection capabilities. They have become so popular with parents of newborns that they are practically a staple on every new baby registry and are considered to be must-have baby gear. Some parents prefer to have a high-end baby monitor with clear video and all the bells and whistles, while others are perfectly content with a quality audio monitor to hear when their baby fusses and cries. Which monitor is right for you and your little one? If you have questions about the baby products that liGo carries, do not hesitate to call our customer service department for assistance. We provide free shipping within the UK, allowing you to keep more money for other baby-related needs.

Baby Monitors from Top Brands: Rated by parents

At liGo, you’ll find all levels of baby monitors, from simple, budget-friendly audio monitors to advanced video monitors that perform other functions. We carry the latest models from top brands like Samsung, BT, Motorola, Tomy and Philips. Features you’ll want to consider include a battery saving audio sensor that turns the video transmitter on only when baby makes noise, plus night vision to see baby even when it’s dark outside. The ability to play music and shine a nightlight is also a desirable feature on a baby monitor, as is a two-way talk feature so you can soothe baby with your voice without having to go into the nursery. Different models also have a different range, so it’s important to factor in the size of your home as well as the distance between your room and baby’s room before making your purchase.

Options For Hearing And Watching

The majority of baby monitors come with two components: a base station for the nursery and a smaller unit for the parents. The base station is the transmitter, capturing audio or audio and video of the baby. An audio transmitter can be placed anywhere in the nursery, while a video transmitter should have its camera trained on the bassinet or crib. The receiver is for the parents to hear or hear and see what’s happening. Many parents’ units have a rechargeable battery so they can be slipped in a pocket or conveniently clipped on a belt. And, for new parents who prefer a more seamless tech experience, even when it comes to monitoring their new baby, some newer baby monitors come with only a base station, then use a smart phone app to receive parent audio and/or video.

Keep A Watchful Eye Without Making A Disturbance

The main advantage of having a baby monitor is that your little one will never fuss or cry for too long or without your knowledge. You’ll know when baby wakes, and you can hear if she puts herself back to sleep or is up and needs to be fed or soothed. But there is another good reason to invest in a high quality baby monitor, and it’s this: new parents love to look in on their sleeping baby. They love seeing their little one slumbering so sweet and peacefully. However, watching from the same room can disturb them and wake them up. But a baby video monitor affords new parents the little luxury of watching their baby sleep without disrupting those precious hours of rest. Babies grow up so quickly, and having a baby monitor is a way to enjoy the little moments before your little one is off and running. Order yours from liGo today.

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