The hottest new phone from Gigaset has been designed as a future-proof choice that comes with VoIP compatibility as standard. We were intrigued to find out whether or not Gigaset had overstretched itself with this transitional product but the end result – the Gigaset S850A GO lives up to their reputation as pioneers of telephony.

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Future-proof with VoIP

Gigaset have been offering VoIP cordless phones for a while now, but this is the first time this dual-compatibility has come as standard for one of their home phones. Setting up VoIP is easier than you might think – involving connecting the base of the S850A GO to your router with the cable provided and setting up an account (no more hassle than setting up a new email account). And the handsets are equipped with HDSP so are capable of being used via VoIP without any distortion or echoes.

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We’ve already seen analogue TV go digital and a lot of radio services have made similar moves towards digital services. So for a business or home phone it makes perfect sense to opt for a model that offers the scalability of adapting to future technologies.

Gigaset GO

What is Gigaset GO? In addition to providing your home phone with the ability to work over VoIP it allows you to integrate the S850A GO with your Smartphone. With Gigaset’s new app (available for both Android and iOS) you can conveniently share contacts rather than having to type them all in manually. You can also set-up your Smartphone to receive notifications whenever there is a missed call to your landline or a message has been left for you.

Sound performance

Whether using the Gigaset S850A GO over landline or VoIP the handset is equipped with HDSP sound to ensure crystal clarity on every call. The handset also features a full-duplex speakerphone, which if its predecessor (the inimitable S810A) is anything to go by means you can enjoy a reliable handsfree conversation.

Up to 3 answering machines

3 answering machinesYou can set up to 3 different answering machines to help manage multiple connections via landline and VoIP. Each answerphone can be customised with a unique greeting and assigned to the different numbers, and can record a total of up to 55 minutes of messages.

Expandable up to 6 handsets

The Gigaset S850A GO is available with up to 6 handsets in total, so offers a great scalability for smaller businesses or larger homes. If you already have a set of Gigaset phones you’ll be able to register those to your S850A GO.

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