Our selection of long range cordless phones just got a whole lot more stylish with the arrival of the Gigaset SL450A GO. A premium digital cordless phone with answering machine from Gigaset that offers VoIP capabilities as well as landline and is packed with the latest features.

Available with up to 6 handsets and capable of doubling the range with the RTX repeater, the SL450A GO Long Range is the perfect solution for homes and small business looking for a top-class phone that will work over greater distances.

Exceptional Sound

When you buy a Gigaset cordless phone you are assured of exceptional clarity on all your calls free from any distortions or echoes. As the Gigaset SL450A GO has been designed for landline and VoIP it includes HDSP for high-definition sound on both lines. We recently reviewed the SL450A GO and noticed that the audio quality had surpassed the already outstanding Gigaset SL400A with louder volume and improved speakerphone.

Gigaset GO

Full specWith Gigaset GO you can set-up multiple lines using your phone (1-landline and 2-VoIP lines) and assign up to 3 separate answering machines for each line. With more than one handset you can assign individual lines and answering machines to specific handsets, making the SL450A GO an ideal choice for anyone working from home or smaller businesses. Set-up is made easy with the on-screen “wizard” that guides you throuhh configuration step-by-step via simple user interface.

Gigaset GO enables you to make free world-wide phone calls between any other Gigaset IP systems. And with Gigaset’s app (available for iOS and Android) you can receive notifications of calls and voicemail messages on your Smartphone, and easily transfer contacts from your mobile to your

Top-range features

As a top of the range model the Gigaset SL450A GO comes with the best features that cordless phones have to offer. The stylish handset has been manufactured in Germany and boasts a sophisticated aluminium frame and 2.4” TFT colour display. There is ample memory in the phonebook with space for up to 500 contacts (3 numbers, email, VIP melody, CLIP picture – per entry).

Gigaset SL450A GO

The Gigaset SL450A also benefits from the latest call blocking technology so that you can prevent nuisance calls from disturbing you. Additional features include:

  • Missed call list
  • Full-duplex handsfree speakerphone
  • Headset compatible via Bluetooth or 2.5mm jack.
  • Baby monitor function

Expandable up to 6 handsets

You can add to up 6 handsets to the SL450A GO and take advantage of the multi-handset features such as intercom, call transfer, and conference calls.

SL450A GO sextet

How does the repeater work?

The DECT repeater only needs to be connected to a power socket and doesn’t require a connection to an additional phone line. It picks up the transmiting signal from your SL450A base station, and then “repeats” it effectively doubling the distance the signal can reach from your base. The best way to get the most out of your repeater is by having your phone’s base station in the most central location in your home and plugging in your repeater at the outer perimeter of its range. For more information on setting up your repeater or how to get the best range from your phones, you can read our article on that topic - here.

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