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Better Communication Headsets

A division of the world renowned 3M Company, 3M Peltor is the company’s brand that offers high quality two-way radio headsets. Not your ordinary set of headphones, the headsets produced by 3M Peltor are best suited for use in hazardous and noisy environments. They use the latest in audio technology for superior sound, yet they are extremely durable and comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

Features and Accessories

The different headset models produced by 3M Peltor offer a variety of useful features and options, including Bluetooth compatibility for use with smart phones, FM radio reception, noise cancelling microphones, and more. At liGo, not only will you find many 3M Peltor headsets in stock, but you’ll also find the accessories you need to keep your headsets powered and working. Battery chargers and power supplies are must-have items for individuals who use their headsets on a daily basis.

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