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Motorola was founded by Paul Galvin in 1928 with Galvin Manufacturing Company; the name stems from the one of its early products a car radio. Since then the company has grown to one of the largest and well-know electronics brands in the world. Following accumulative losses during the period of 2007-2009, the company was divided into two separate companies (one of which was acquired by Google). Motorola Moblity is the arm of the business responsible for the production of mobiles, cordless and corded phones, and baby monitors. Motorola Solutions provides data & communication services and products to businesses and consumers.

Motorola Solutions - Two-Way Radios

Some of the earliest products manufactured by Motorola were radio related, and they have even been credited with making the world’s first walkie talkie. Nowadays, consumer radios (which means they operate on a frequency, which does not require a license) are used for a number of outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking, camping & more; helping people to stay connected. The Motorola TLKR range of 2-way radios has something for everyone; from their low-cost budget TLKR T40 (ideal for occasional use) to their TLKR T80 Extreme (which boasts its own carrying case, and is robust for use in harsher environments).

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