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Lifestyle, Connected

Headquartered in Germany with an office in France and a subsidiary in the United States, Netatmo develops, as they put it, “consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle.” They were created in May of 2011 and launched their first product, Weather Station, a little over a year later. The smart devices created by Netatmo all have several things in common. First, they can all sync with iOS and Android apps, as well as a web app, to provide complete and thorough information. Second, they are all meticulously designed to look sleek and inconspicuous and be extremely user friendly Finally, Netatmo devices are all focused on comfort as it relates to the surrounding environment.

Information, Delivered

Currently, Netatmo’s biggest product is its Weather Station. This is a device that syncs with your smart phone or tablet to provide information about outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, relative humidity, Air quality, and precipitation. Other products that they have recently brought to market are Thermostat, which is a smart way to control the temperature and your more in your home, as well as June, which measures how much sun exposure you get.

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