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Unified Communications

Since 2013, Siemens Enterprise Communications has been known worldwide as Unify. The reason for the change in name was simple: the term “unify” best describes the company’s goal of unifying their customers’ communications systems. Unify designs and anufactures phones and communications solutions for large and small businesses, including companies in the health care, financial, public, and energy sectors. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Unify can trace its roots to 1847 and Berlin’s Siemens & Halske Telegraph Construction Company. Customers will be happy to know that Unify takes its responsibility to its employees, to the law, and to society quite seriously and has programs in place to demonstrate this commitment.

Advanced Communications Solutions

Engineering, design, and technology are all at the forefront of the products created by Unify. Their telephone systems and accessories reflect the company’s firm understanding of the continually changing ways in which we communicate for business purposes. Innovation is in the company’s DNA; product reliability is its heritage. When you purchase a Unify communications device, you’re not just buying a phone — you’re buying years of scientific development that is in a continual state of evolution as our communication habits ebb and flow.

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