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Quality Engineering, Quality Headsets

World-renowned German engineering is what you’ll get when you purchase a Sennheiser headset or telephony peripheral product. Sennheiser has always prided itself on being an innovator in the audio technology field, ever since its humble beginnings in 1945 as a manufacturer of high quality microphones. Since 1968, the family owned company has been making headphones that have since become among the bestselling audio listening devices in the world. Musicians and audio engineers know that the name Sennheiser stands for the best sound performance available, and now that advanced technology can be had and heard in telephone headsets designed for call centres and all types of office environments. They offer professional sound that is unmatched, and they are incredibly durable. What’s more, Sennheiser’s headsets feature a sleek and sophisticated design that is attractive and comfortable to wear.

Hear The Sound, Feel The Sound

Exceptional audio performance is at the forefront of everything Sennheiser makes, and their full line of call centre headsets is no exception. Many models use voice clarity technology and HD audio to make speech sound natural, allowing the wearer to listen without fatigue. You’ll also find the patented ActiveGard acoustic shock protection on many Sennheiser headsets, which helps to prevent any unwanted loud bursts. Noise cancelling microphones on most models help to eliminate background noise, allowing your voice to come through clearly to your customer. Boom mics, also standard on most models, position the microphone exactly where it needs to be on every user. The result is sound that is optimal for both the person wearing the headset and the person on the other end of the call. Sennheiser makes some of the best headsets in the industry. Your only decision is which one to purchase. If you need help choosing or need more information, one of our liGo customer service professionals will be happy to assist you. Plus, liGo offers fast free shipping in the UK, making your purchase even more of a bargain.

Sennheiser Headsets For All Office Environments

Whether your office or call centre is loud and bustling or relatively quiet, there’s a Sennheiser headset that’s right for you. There are also Sennheiser headsets that can be used for gaming, VOIP, and all manner of multimedia applications. The search filters to the left will help you discover models that offer noise cancelling microphones and stereo sound, and acoustic shock protection, as well as Bluetooth wireless capability. If connectivity is a concern, fear not: Sennheiser is compatible with a number of telephony protocols and devices. Again, use liGo’s filters to narrow down your search by DECT and smartphone compatibility. You’ll also find Sennheiser headsets with a button to control volume, as well as a mute button. Some models even take voice commands. And, if you are in need of a base station to use with your Sennheiser headset, liGo carries several different models of those as well.

Lots Of Features For The Price

When you shop at liGo, you can be assured that you’re getting a great headset at a great price. No matter what your budget may be, you’ll find a high quality Sennheiser headset with the features you want at the price you need, whether it’s the low cost but highly effective SC 60 USB corded headset or the top of the line HME 280. And if you’re ever not happy with a product from liGo, we offer a no fuss 30 day return policy. Give a Sennheiser headset from liGo a try today, and you’ll see why German audio engineering is behind some of the best sound in the business.

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