Como Audio Multiroom Speakers

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Como Audio DAB Radios

While they may not be as well-known as other DAB radio brands, Como Audio have a lot of provenance. Founder Tom DeVesto is also the man behind Cambridge SoundWorks and Tivoli Audio, and Como Audio is a worthy successor to those highly-regarded brands. With a distinctive Italian-inspired design, they certainly look the part. But they also boast stellar sound quality, as well as an array of high-end features, too. That makes them one of the most desirable brands around, and a worthy choice for anyone thinking about purchasing a new DAB radio.

Packed with advanced features

Unlike other brands, Como Audio don’t offer what you might call an “entry level” model. Even their smallest model, the Como Audio Solo, comes loaded with the kind of features you’d expect to find in a much larger DAB radio. For one thing, their entire range comes with wifi functionality built in. This means you can use them to tune into tens of thousands of stations on the web. It also allows them to work together as part of a multi-room setup. If you’d like to explore the world of multi-room speakers, then Como are the ideal choice.

Designed for convenience

Another advantage of Como Audio DAB radios is they are incredibly user-friendly. In fact, they have been specially designed so that you can start listening to your favourite content at just the touch of a button. On the front of each Como Audio device, you’ll find an array of preset buttons. These can be assigned to anything you like, whether it’s a radio station or a specific Spotify playlist. The radios also each come with a remote, and can even be controlled via a handy smartphone app.

Lastly, Como Audio DAB radios come in an array of different styles. The walnut and hickory models come with a beautiful natural grain finish. The white and black versions, on the other hand, are coated with nine layers of piano-grade gloss finish. All are made from high-quality wood which not only adds to the acoustic performance- it also makes them highly attractive objects in their own right.

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