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Advanced Technology For Cleaner Teeth

For the ultimate in clean teeth and good oral hygiene, you can’t find a better product than an electric toothbrush. While the old fashioned toothbrush made from plastic and nylon is still quite popular, dentists and individuals who use electric toothbrushes will tell you that the more advanced models reduce plaque, keep gums healthier, and promote better all around dental hygiene than their traditional counterparts. It’s no secret that electric toothbrushes have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people catch on to their benefits. The technology for electric toothbrushes, though, has actually been available since the mid-1950s, when it was originally developed for people with poor motor skills and orthodontic work like braces. However, they are now popular with the general public, as dental professionals and people all over the world have come to realise that electric toothbrushes offer an unmatched oral cleanliness. There are a few different features that you’ll want to consider in different models of electric toothbrushes so you can make an informed purchase, which is why liGo created this guide.

Different Features To Clean Better

The brush heads of electric toothbrushes come in two basic shapes: the elongated oblong shape that you find on most traditional toothbrushes, and a round shape. The elongated models tend to use sonic pulse technology to loosen food particles from between teeth and remove plaque from the teeth and gums. Round heads, on the other hand, typically use 3D movement technology, which means that the brush will oscillate, rotate, and pulsate as it cleans teeth and gums. Some models have a pressure sensor to let you know if you’re pressing too hard with the brush, which is important if your tooth enamel or gums are eroding. All models have rechargeable batteries, with charges lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the model. Look at our search filters to narrow down our selection and choose the electric toothbrush that’s best for you. If you have questions, our customer service representatives can answer them for you, and if you’re ready to buy, we offer free shipping to UK addresses.

Electric Toothbrushes For A Healthier Mouth

If you’re looking for an electric toothbrush from liGo, you’ll find all the top models from Philips and Oral-B, two companies that are leaders in the electric toothbrush and dental hygiene field. We carry models at several different price points, too, so you’ll be able to find an electric toothbrush to fit your budget. Different electric toothbrushes offer different benefits, such as modes to help with teeth whitening and more gentle modes for tender inflamed gums and sensitive teeth. Plus, all of our electric toothbrushes run on a two-minute timer, encouraging users to brush for the full dentist-recommended time.

The Electric Advantage

Let’s face it: we all want better, cleaner, healthier teeth. And despite our best efforts, we can get our teeth just so clean with a traditional manual toothbrush. With an electric toothbrush, however, the fresh and clean feeling is immediately noticeable from the first brushing. Tooth enamel feels smoother on the tongue, gums feel less filmy, and there are almost never any bits of food remaining between the teeth. Plus, you can help to reduce your risk of cavities and tooth decay and consequently minimise the time you spend in the dentist chair. You need to brush your teeth every day for optimal dental hygiene, and you have a choice of which toothbrush you’ll use. Choose the tool that will do the best job. An electric toothbrush is that tool.

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