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Advanced Drying

Nothing gives you a chill or a dry scalp faster than going outside on a cold, blustery day with hair still wet from the shower. A hair dryer can dry your hair, but if you’re using an older or outdated model, it can then present other problems. Hair dryers are notoriously loud, and the sound of a high-volume motor might not be what you want blaring in your ears first thing in the morning. The heat they blast can dry out your facial skin, and they take a long time to really dry your hair well. Plus, it takes a lot of brushing to avoid walking out the door with a caught-in-a-windstorm look. Fortunately, newer models of hair dryers can dry hair without all of these side issues, and they can often do much more. At liGo, you’ll find a selection of hair dryers that use the latest technology to make your hair it’s most beautiful.

Dry Hair And More

Braun is a company known for its innovative and well-designed products that use the latest technology to provide sensible solutions for everyday concerns. The Braun Satin Hair 1 is a small, ergonomic hair dryer that uses infrared technology to dry hair quickly and evenly without drying it out or breaking individual strands. Or, for more power and control, the Braun SensoCare HD 780 is a professional quality hair dryer uses automatic temperature adaptation to not only dry hair effectively and efficiently, but allow you to style it exactly as you’d like: sleek and straight, soft and curly, or anywhere in between.

Compact, Affordable, Multi-Functional

Hair dryers on the market today are considerably more compact and easy to hold than older models. They’re also available at different price points, from the budget-friendly to the high end. And, they do so much more than shoot a blast of hot air toward your head. Braun’s line of hair dryers utilise the latest technological developments to help you achieve your best look any time.

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