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An Epilator For Smoother Skin

It’s easy for most of us to picture an old fashioned razor, and many of us are familiar with the electric shavers that are on the market today, but what’s an epilator? Used by women more than men for the task of removing unwanted body hair, an epilator is a hair removal device that can be compared to multiple small, mechanical tweezers working all at once to pull hairs out from their roots. Using technology that was first developed in the mid-1980s and improved throughout the following years, epilators are a preferred method for removing unsightly and unwanted body hair because they deliver long lasting results. Unlike razors and even electric shavers, which cut hair at or just below the skin’s surface, epilators remove the entire hair, leaving skin smoother for a longer period of time. Some women may express concern that epilators are a more painful method of hair removal, but the truth is that epilator technology has improved to the point where the latest models minimise discomfort much more than the products of even a few years ago. When you shop at liGo, you can be assured that the products we stock are recent models with all the latest features.

Pivoting, Massaging, and Exfoliating Features

It’s an unspoken truth that many women spend a remarkable amount of time trying to rid their body of unwanted hair. But using tweezers to yank out hairs one by one is an uncomfortable, frustrating, and time consuming process; it’s also difficult for women who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Epilators eliminate all of these unsavoury factors with a number of different features. Many models have pivoting heads to follow the contours of the female body, minimising the amount of pull the device has on the skin. You’ll also find vibrating massage heads on most epilators, which helps to soothe the skin once the hair has been removed. A smart light to illuminate light and fine hairs is also a common feature, and many exfoliators are waterproof, allowing them to be used in the shower or out of it. Finally, some of the more high end exfoliators offer advanced features like pulsonic exfoliation and massage rollers for maximum comfort. Many women have questions about epilators, and our customer service team is here to help you. Plus, liGo offers free delivery to UK addresses.

The Most Effective Hair Removal

At liGo, we carry a range of epilators from Philips and Braun, two well-known companies that are respected throughout the personal care and grooming industry for their high quality and well-designed products. There are models at various price points, from the no frills and budget friendly to the very high end. Some epilators are designed to be used exclusively on the legs, while others can be used on multiple body parts: legs, face, arms, and bikini area. Interchangeable caps for a particular epilator will maximise the device’s efficiently for a particular area of the body. Look through our product pages to find out the exact specifications for each model, or feel free to ask a question or speak with one of our customer service representatives.

An Epilator Gets The Job Done

An epilator does an efficient and effective job of removing a woman’s unwanted body hair. It delivers the same long lasting results of meticulous tweezing, but with less frustration and in less time. And, because hair is removed at the root, it takes a long time to grow back, meaning there’s no need for frequent epilator use. Many women also love the versatility of an epilator, as it can remove hair from different body parts with the same ease. Give yourself the gift of a sleek and smooth body with an epilator from liGo, and you’ll feed confident knowing that you look your best.

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