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Advanced Grooming For Men

Gone are the days of staring into the bathroom mirror, precariously holding a single blade razor and nervously scraping it across your sensitive face for what felt like an awfully long time. Sure, that got the job done, but for many men, shaving meant lots of facial irritation and a guaranteed five o’clock shadow, not to mention the risk of drawing blood on a tricky facial contour. Multi-blade razors were an improvement, but without shaving cream or gel, they’re still rough on skin. And, blades go dull quickly, requiring lots of replacements or time for sharpening. Fortunately, men’s grooming products have come a long way in recent years, and there are many electric shavers on the market that provide a smooth, close, and comfortable shave, wet or dry, with or without cream or gel, in just a few minutes. Like more conventional razors, electric shavers have parts that need to be replaced from time to time, and liGo carries both the grooming products and the replacement and refill packs for all the shavers they sell.

Foil Technology, Wet or Dry

Electric razors are able to provide a smooth yet comfortable shave thanks to their advanced foil technology, which cuts incredibly close without the irritating friction of more conventional razors. Inbuilt rechargeable batteries mean that these grooming products can be used with or without a cord. And, because many models are fully waterproof, they can be used with your favourite shaving gel for the most comfort. You’ll find electric shavers at several different price points at liGo, allowing anyone, even men on a tight budget, to get all the benefits that an electric shaver has to offer. Plus, liGo offers free delivery to UK addresses, and our customer service department can help you determine which product will best suit your needs.

Electric Shavers For The Toughest Beards

Whether you need a basic electric shaver for a light beard, something a bit more heavy duty for tough stubble, or a highly portable shaver that can be used anytime and anywhere, liGo has a grooming product that’s just right for you. We carry products made by Braun, all of which are highly regarded by users and built to last, shave after shave. Models at the lower end of the pricing spectrum offer an efficient, no frills shave that still yields smooth and irritation-free results. The more high-end shavers offer features like multiple foils, stronger batteries, trimmers, and cleaning accessories. It’s a good idea to consider your needs and your budget carefully before making your purchase. If you’re a man on the go and require a grooming product that’s low on weight but high on quality, Braun’s MobileShave can take care of your beard anywhere, clean up in a snap, and then easily pack away. Finally, the foils on electric shavers need to be replaced from time to time, and liGo has all the replacements you’ll need to keep your razor working great.

The Joy Of A Great, Fast Shave

Shaving with an electric razor affords a much more enjoyable and efficient grooming experience as compared to shaving with a traditional blade. They’re also safer, as electric shavers virtually eliminate the risk of cutting yourself. The electric shavers of today are not the ones your grandfather buzzed across his face; they’re faster, closer, and more effective. Even men who swear by their blade and can of shaving gel are often impressed by the high quality shave that they can get with a current model. One quick shave with the foil of an electric shaver, and many men are convinced to never use their quick-dulling blade again.

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