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Electric Shavers: Advanced Grooming Tools

An electric shaver transforms a crucial part of a man’s morning routine from lengthy, painful, and potentially hazardous chore to a quick, frictionless, pain-free pleasure. Think of how your dad shaved his face every day: a bowl of soap or a can of cream, a blade of questionable sharpness, and the need to fully concentrate on the task at hand, lest a spot be missed or blood be drawn. Navigating a traditional razor around the contours of the chin and under the nose was particularly perilous. And, even if the shave went according to plan, there was still the raw, painful irritation left from the blade removing a few layers of sensitive facial skin, to be remedied by either slapping on stinging aftershave or applying a lotion that always felt greasy. Plus, five o’clock shadow was practically a given. However, thanks to the advanced electric shavers on the market today, this whole dreadful process is thankfully behind us. In its place, men have the advantage of a quick, efficient shave that’s close without irritating. There’s no risk of a cut that won’t stop bleeding, and five o’clock shadow is also a thing of the past. At liGo, there’s a good variety of electric shavers at a number of different price points that will keep your face looking its best and shave minutes off your daily grooming ritual.

Ideal For Stubble, Short Beards, and Trimming

Not all beards are created equal. Fortunately, today’s choice of electric shaver models allows any man to appear neat and well-groomed, whether he has light facial hair that needs to be trimmed only every other day or a dark, heavy beard that needs daily attention. They use foil technology to cut hair extremely close. Many electric shavers offer a few different shaving modes to adjust the closeness and intensity of the shave and also to reduce any potential irritation that might occur to more sensitive skin. Some electric shavers include a trimmer for keeping shaped facial hair tidy and for squaring off sideburns. Another useful feature is a self-cleaning station to keep your shaver fresh, though many electric shavers are able to be rinsed clean under water. No matter what type of beard you have or what features you’re looking for in an electric shaver, liGo has one that will suit your purposes. We offer free delivery in the UK, and one of our customer service team members can answer any questions you might have.

An Electric Shaver For Every Face

From budget shavers to top of the line shavers, liGo has a grooming product that will suit any man. The electric shavers we carry are all made by Braun, a highly respected and revered leader in the men’s grooming industry that is known for their high quality electric shavers. Some models are ideal for removing daily stubble, while others are excellent for cleaning up a bit more growth or a short beard. All of the Braun electric shavers at liGo have a powerful rechargeable battery, which means that they can be used with or without a power cord attached. The Braun MobileShave is an especially compact and portable electric shaver for men who spend a considerable percentage of their time on the road and away from their home bathroom. Use our filters to narrow down our electric shavers by features to refine your search and find the product that is best for you.

Advanced Technology For A Better Shave

Even for gentlemen who swear by the old fashioned method of shaving soap and blades, an electric shaver can be a welcome change from the messy, time-consuming process that they are used to. An electric shaver in place of a traditional razor and can of shaving gel can make your morning shaving ritual simple, convenient, safe, and efficient. For many men, it is a most welcome change.

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