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Add some vintage flair to your home decor with one of these stunning retro phones. From American-style diner phones to mid-century modern, we have plenty of retro phones to choose from.

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Retro Phones

Retro Phones Are Making A Comeback

Most phones nowadays boast a sleek, modern design. However, while these handsets undoubtedly look great, they aren’t to everyone’s tastes. Some people like to put a quirkier stamp on their home decor, and are therefore looking for a phone that truly stands out. In short, they want a device that makes a real design statement. Enter retro phones!

Over their hundred-year history, telephones have gone through countless design styles. From rotary-style models to mid-century modern, the humble handset has come in many different iterations. It wasn’t until around the start of the new millennium, though, that designers looked back and took stock of what had come before them. They realised something that went against all that they had been taught in design school- a lot of people actually prefer retro phones. Sure, they might not provide the convenience of cordless models, but there’s no doubt that they look incredible.

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Here at liGo, we’ve got a fabulous selection of retro phones to choose from. From rotary-style models that hark back to the Thirties and Forties, to Pop Art-inspired handsets that bring a bit of Swinging Sixties style into your home, you’re sure to find a model that suits your tastes here. We’ve even got classic American diner-style models that really make an impression! What’s more, many of our retro phones come in a variety of colours to suit any interior design scheme. We’ve pulled out all the stops to put together a product range that offers something for everyone.

While these retro phones certainly look like period pieces, don’t let appearances fool you. Under the hood, these models are powered by the same modern tech that you’d find in more up-to-date handsets. The rotary-style retro phones, meanwhile, actually feature push-button functionality to make them a lot simpler to use. No waiting around for the dial to swing back to zero- just tap in the number you want to call, and you’re away! All of them are also incredibly easy to set up, as they merely need to be plugged into any standard phone line socket.

As always, if you have any questions about our retro phones lineup, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Service team. They know all there is to know about these products, and will gladly provide you with some more information about them.

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