Jabra Speak 750 Conference Speaker Review

Jabra Speak 750 Conference Speaker Review

The Jabra Speak 750 is the latest conference speaker from one of the most popular brands on the market. In the past, we've rated Jabra conference speakers extremely highly. But does this latest addition live up to those standards? Our experts put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what we thought of it!

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In terms of basic design, Jabra have stuck to their guns here. The Speak 750 looks much the same as its direct predecessor, the Jabra Speak 710. It has a kind of flying saucer-style design, with the speaker slightly elevated from the main body of the unit. This has an effect on the sound quality, which we'll get into more later.

All of the controls are set into the rim. There's not a button in sight; instead, the Speak 750 uses touch controls, with LEDs showing where to press to answer and end calls, mute the microphone, and adjust the volume. The MS version of the Speak 750 also has a dedicated Teams button, which can be used to answer calls or bring Teams to the forefront of your computer. When the Speak 750 is switched off, these controls are hidden, springing to life only when the unit is turned on.

Lastly, since the Speak 750 is portable, Jabra have included a carry case with it. While it's only really there as a bonus, it's still a nice addition, and solid enough to protect the speaker inside if you accidentally knock it off the table.


Setting up the Jabra Speak 750 is about as straightforward as you can get. It includes multiple ways to connect, allowing you to use it for desktop, laptop, and mobile. The simplest way to hook it up to a device is using the built-in USB-A cable. When plugged in, the Speak 750 sets itself up automatically, so you don't need to waste any time getting it to work.

For wireless use, the Speak 750 also features Bluetooth connectivity. This is also nice and simple; the only additional step being to select the Speak 750 from your device's Bluetooth settings. With up to 30m range, you don't need to worry about having it placed right next to your device, either. And with a lithium ion battery with up to 11 hours' battery life, it's not going to die on you in the middle of a call!

But what if you want to use the Jabra Speak 750 wirelessly, but your computer doesn't have built-in Bluetooth? Not to worry- it also includes a USB-A Bluetooth dongle. This slots neatly into the underside of the unit when not in use, so you can always have it with you just in case.

Finally, for larger conference rooms- or for full stereo sound- you can pair up two Speak 750s. Doing this is as simple as tapping the link button on the device, so again it's very easy. The Speak 750 also pairs up well with Jabra's PanaCast video conference camera.

Sound quality

For conference calls

As we mentioned earlier, the Speak 750's speaker is raised from the main body of the unit. This helps it to better radiate sound. Compared to the sound from your laptop's speakers, there's really no contest. The Speak 750 provides clear, lifelike audio, and it can go surprisingly loud if you need it to. Crucially, though, the microphone is equally high-quality, and does an excellent job of cancelling out noise from the other end of the call.

For music

While it has been optimized for use in calls, the Speak 750 is still, at its core, a Bluetooth speaker. When you're not busy talking to people, it's also something you can use to listen to music. Whether that's to have on in the background while you work, or for outside the office, the Speak 750 is a great choice. The generous battery life means you can even use it on the go! Naturally, it's not going to replace your home hi-fi, but for something portable, it definitely holds its own against even "proper" Bluetooth speakers.

Jabra Speak 750: The Verdict

While Jabra haven't reinvented the wheel with the Speak 750, they have built a conference speaker that lives up to their high reputation. With a solid build quality, great sound, and simple, flexible setup, it's the ideal tool for anyone who wants to take their video conferencing to the next level.

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