About Us

Our Story

The year was 2003, and the world of shopping for electronic goods was in dire straits. Online shopping was in its infancy; people were forced out of their homes in search of their technological desires, subjected to garishly lit warehouses, unhelpful staff, and then overcharged. Out of these dark and oppressive times...liGo was born. Like a beacon of light at the end of a tunnel, we lit the way for consumers and forged a new and better way of shopping for electronic goods.

From our humble beginnings, and only a handful of employees, liGo has flourished over the past ten years. Now with a state of the art warehouse with circa 6,000 sq/ft, and a swanky new office jam-packed with the finest Customer Service and support staff around, our operation has grown to offer a wider range of products and services, and seen us expand into France and Germany.

Our Vision

We set out with a vision to create a company that offered top-quality electronic goods and set the bar for truly great customer service. A decade on and we are still driven by this passion to nurture satisfied customers who will sing our praises to their friends and family, and come back to purchase from us again and again.

That's why we can be contacted via email, Facebook, LiveChat, Twitter, and still operate our own call centre (open Monday - Friday) with trained staff who know our products inside-and-out and can offer friendly advice and support, before and after your purchase. We also value and listen to our customers' feedback (and even have a dedicated email address for this – helpdesk@ligo.co.uk) as without them we wouldn't be where we are today.

Our Customers

When talking about how to 'set the bar for truly great customer service', we soon came to realise that different people have different ideas about what makes customer service great. This is why each liGo customer is treated as an individual and the service they receive is tailored to satisfy their expectation of great service. We want to help you make the right choice, offer support when things go wrong and deliver a service that you are truly happy with.

And you don't need to take us at our word- here's what our customers have to say...

Our Future

liGo will continue to grow and evolve over the next few years to meet the changing demands of our customers, and with recent backing from the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Programme, we intend to use our experience to invest in the development of new smart products and services whilst widening our reputation as brand people can trust in and come back to.

If you are ambitious and believe you could play a part in our future by joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.