Top 10 Best Childrens Binoculars

Top 10 Best Childrens Binoculars

Help your young explorer get a closer look at nature with the right pair of binoculars.

A quick search on Amazon for "kids binoculars" will throw up a vast range of cheap and brightly coloured options to choose from. However, these mass-produced plastic “toys” are often of dubious quality and really only suitable for toddlers as a plaything. If that’s what you’re looking for then they’re all much of a muchness so we’d recommend just going with the cheapest option or the colour your little one will like the most.

When looking for a pair of children's binoculars, there are several factors to consider:

1. Durability: Children can be rough with their toys, so it's important to choose binoculars that can withstand some wear and tear. Look for binoculars made from sturdy materials such as plastic or rubber.

2. Size and weight: Binoculars that are too heavy or bulky may be difficult for children to use for an extended period of time. Look for lightweight and compact binoculars that are easy for children to hold and carry.

3. Magnification: The magnification of binoculars determines how close the objects appear when viewed through the lenses. For children, it's generally recommended to choose binoculars with a magnification of 6x to 8x. Higher magnification can be difficult to keep steady, which can result in a shaky image.

4. Field of view: The field of view is the amount of area visible through the binoculars. Children may prefer binoculars with a wider field of view, as it allows them to see more of the surrounding area.

5. Focus: Binoculars with a simple focus mechanism may be easier for children to use. Look for binoculars with a central focus knob that is easy to turn.

6. Eye relief: Eye relief refers to the distance between the eyepiece and the user's eye. Children may have shorter eye relief than adults, so look for binoculars with adjustable eyecups that can accommodate different eye distances.

7. Safety features: Some binoculars may have small parts that can be a choking hazard for young children. Look for binoculars that are designed with safety in mind and have no small or detachable parts.

Overall, choose binoculars that are durable, lightweight, and easy for children to use, with a reasonable magnification, field of view, and focus mechanism. Our round-up is a list of bona fide optical binoculars that are ideally suited for little hands and aimed at inspiring a lifelong enthusiasm for bird watching and binoculars. These are some seriously good optics that might make you jealous!

So, read on to discover our top picks!