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Offering solid performance at an affordable price, Cobra two-way radios are an excellent choice for casual users and professionals alike.

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Cobra Two-Way Radios

Cobra two-way radios are trusted by millions of users across the globe. With long range, durable build, and lengthy battery life, they make for the ideal companion on camping and skiing trips. They are also useful for workplace environments like warehouses, where it’s essential that staff can keep in contact with one another.

A Wide Range of Cobra Walkie Talkies

One of the great things about Cobra is that they offer two-way radios to suit every budget. For those on a budget, the Cobra MT245 is an excellent choice, with a range of 5 km and decent battery life. It also includes a useful battery-saver mode, and background noise cancellation. For the price, this is a very advanced two-way radio, and one which we at liGo would wholeheartedly recommend.

In the middle of the spectrum sits the Cobra MT 975. With a very impressive 12 km maximum range, it’s certainly a solid performer. Significantly sturdier than the MT245, it is ideally suited to demanding workplaces such as building sites. Finally, at the very top end, there’s the Cobra AM1035. Like the MT 975, it boasts a 12 km maximum range. But this is a two-way radio that is built to cope with anything that life might throw at it. Not only is the body of the radio highly durable, but it is also IPx7 rated. That means it is waterproof to depths of up to a meter, and it even floats, with its bright orange core making it easy to spot in the water. That makes the AM1035 the obvious choice for kayaking and other water-based activities.

We’re Always On Hand To Help

If you need any help choosing the right two-way radios, then the liGo team are always here to help. Just get in touch via phone, email, or the livechat feature on our site. A member of our customer service department will then be able to assist you in choosing the best walkie talkies for your needs and budget.