Top 10 Best Cordless Phones

Top 10 Best Cordless Phones

With almost 20 years of experience testing landline phones, we know how to separate the best home phones from the worst.

Our rigorous review and testing process includes over 50 different checks and measurements as we dig beneath the manufacturer’s hype to discover the truth about the latest cordless phones. We go further in our cordless phones tests than anyone else - thoroughly assessing how far the range will reach, how easy they are to use, making calls to and from a reference phone while our expert panel measures the sound quality at both ends of the line with specialist equipment. Throughout the year we also conduct an extensive reliability survey speaking to thousands of home phone owners to discover more about long term usage from the people who know the phones best. This huge undertaking enables us to identify the top cordless phone brands that you can rely on, and report on those whose standards have raised or are slipping allowing you to make a more informed choice before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Whenever a new cordless phone hits the market, our experts are quick to test out how it performs. We can then give you an honest opinion on whether these new cordless phones are worth your consideration, or if they aren’t quite up to our high standards. Our Top 10 Best Cordless Phones list is the culmination of this review process and is updated several times a year so that you can be sure all of the models on the list are the most current and up to date.

There are a number of things to consider when looking for a new cordless phone for your landline. From the must-have features you couldn’t live without, to the number of handsets needed, or range required for the size of your home. Some cordless phones, such as the Gigaset S700, also offer VoIP functionality. This can be great if you have friends or family living abroad and would like to take advantage of cheaper international call rates using your broadband connection. Most cordless phones nowadays offer some form of Nuisance Call Blocking but some are more robust than others. Getting the best price is simple as we monitor our prices daily to make sure you get the best value. We also offer a Price Match Promise so if you do find it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match it.

So, read on to discover our top picks for the best landline phones!

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When choosing a new home phone, it’s worth thinking about the factors that will be most important to you. Modern cordless phones come with a range of features, some of which will matter more to certain users than others. We’ve identified the four most important features that mark out an exceptional cordless phone from an average one:

Sound Quality

First and foremost, a cordless phone needs to provide good sound quality. Unlike mobile phones, which can suffer from deterioration in clarity depending on your signal strength, you should expect much better from your landline phone. We invite our customers to rate the phones we sell for sound quality, and we regularly test and review new models on our blog. So find out which models offer the best call quality and avoid muffled, distorted and crackly phone calls before your place your order. We pride ourselves on being experts on cordless phones and are only a call, email or livechat away if you need us!


Think about the size of your property, and how far away from the base (the part you connect to your phone line) you’d like to be able to take calls. Most DECT phones provide up to 50 metres of range indoors, and up to 300 metres outdoors, which should be adequate for most sized properties. However, if you live in an older property with thick walls or have experienced problems with cordless phone range in the past then a long range cordless phone or one that is repeater-compatible is a good idea. You can find out more in our Buying Guide for Long Range Cordless Phones.

Number of Handsets

Most modern digital cordless phones have a capacity for up to 6 handsets. Deciding how many handsets you need or might like can help you to narrow down your search. If you are interested in a multi-pack of DECT phones or might like to add extra handsets at a later date then you should check what the maximum number the handsets the model is expandable to. Having more than one handset (in addition to allowing you to place a handset in more than one room) typically offers extra features such as call transfer, intercom (internal calls), phonebook sharing or phonebook transfer, and sometimes more (eg. baby monitor).

Call Blocking

If you’re pestered by unwanted sales calls then it may be worth considering the Call Blocking features of your new phone. Most phones now come with some form of Call Blocking but the features can vary in sophistication. At a basic level you should be able to silence and/or block anonymous calls from ringing as well as block from 10-50 specific numbers. The more advanced call blocking phones will enable you to block calls by type eg. international calls or those from withheld numbers. It is worth noting that in order for any call blocking features to work you will need Caller ID enabled on your landline so double check with your line provider whether this has or can be activated and any charges involved.

Additional Cordless Phone Features:

Not all cordless phones are built equal and manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways to make their phones stand out. Here are some of the best extra features to look out for that might just swing it for you:

Answering Machine: most cordless phones nowadays come with an integrated answering machine as standard. The recording time can vary from as little as 10 minutes up to an hour so think about how much you'll need. Some answerphones boast extra features, such as: remote operation, SMS notification, and the facility to record your own personalised greeting. However, if you'd prefer to do without an answering machine altogether (or stick with the 1571 service) your options are limited and you might need to consider a model with an answer machine that can be switched off. If your reason for not wanting an answering machine is aesthetics then it may be worth considering one of the top range cordless phones that come with a separate base unit.

Link-to-Mobile: this feature allows you to connect your smartphone to your landline phone and receive calls to your mobile on your home phone, and make outgoing calls to use up minutes on your mobile call plan.

VoIP: allows you to connect your base to a router in addition to your telephone line in order to make calls using your internet connection. This will require setting up a VoIP account and line with a VoIP provider, which has a cost attached but provides much cheaper rates for international calls. Ideal if you have friends or family abroad, or if you need to set-up a second line for your home office without the need for any rewiring.

Bluetooth: handsets that come with Bluetooth features enable you to pair Bluetooth headsets and contact details.

Night mode (Do Not Disturb): this feature allows you to programme certain times of the day or night when your phone won’t ring. Perfect for shift workers or if you want to enjoy peaceful dinner times. You can usually assign VIP status to certain contacts so that they can get through even when this mode is activated.

Big Buttons & Hearing Aid Compatible: there are a range of easy to use Big Button phones designed with elderly users in mind. Most of these models are Hearing Aid Compatible and come with an extra loud volume boost, and some even feature SOS call functions.