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Pure DAB radios are some of the most popular models on the market. With a distinctive wooden design and solid sound quality, they are a great mid-range choice. We only select the very best from Pure's product range to offer up to our customers. Browse our hand-picked selection below.

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Pure DAB Radios

Pure are one of the most popular DAB radio brands in the UK today. In fact, they were one of the very first companies to start manufacturing digital radios, giving them a head start over the competition. But they haven’t rested on their laurels. Instead, they are constantly tweaking and improving their range of DAB radios to ensure they are always right up to date.

What makes Pure DAB radios so popular? It really all comes down to value. Many cheaper radio brands tend to have sub-par sound quality, or lack any more advanced features. But not so with Pure: their models are all solidly built and perform well.

A flair for design

Wooden casing is something of a trademark for Pure DAB radios. Their Evoke range in particular takes a bold approach in making the entire body of the radios out of wood. Most other brands tend to just include a wooden casing. This design choice makes a big difference in terms of sound quality. The acoustic properties of wood really can’t be understated. While other brands have tried to copy Pure’s approach, none of them can compare to the original.

Another great thing about Pure DAB radios is that they are remarkably easy to use. In particular, the models we have on offer here all come with user-friendly preset buttons. This means you can tune in to your favourite stations at just the touch of a button, without having to scroll through menus to find the one you want. Add in Bluetooth functionality as well, and you’re on to a real winner!

We only choose the very best

Here at liGo, we’ve carefully selected the cream of the crop from Pure’s DAB radio range. Our team of experts rigorously test every single digital radio on the market, paying close attention to sound and build quality. If a model does not meet our high standards, then we won’t add it to our range- it’s that simple. You can therefore rest assured that the Pure radios we have on offer represent the very best that the brand has to offer.