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Looking for Digital Switchover Compatible VoIP Phones? We have a wide range of multi-handset VoIP Phones, which are ideal for home and business use. Top brands at the lowest prices online.

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Superior Sound Without Wires

It wasn’t too long ago that having a cordless phone at home or in the office was a true luxury. It was so freeing to have a conversation without being tethered to a desk or table, and you could often get more done because you were free to move around. Those early model cordless phones had their problems, though. Their range was often limited, for starters, but more than that, the sound quality usually wasn’t very good, with lots of crackles, white noise, and tinniness marring the voice on the other end. Fortunately, cordless phone technology has come incredibly far, and the cordless phones you’ll find at liGo utilise DECT technology for longer range, better voice quality, and VOIP capabilities.

True Versatility

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications. DECT phones utilise a digital signal (instead of the analogue signals of early cordless phones) to transmit the sound of your conversation to the handset. While they work perfectly well as land line phones, they can also be used with VOIP services for phone service that’s affordable on just about any budget. And, many VOIP DECT phone bundles with multiple handsets have both intercom and walkie-talkie functions. At liGo, you’ll find VOIP DECT phones by Siemens, a trusted and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, for the lowest prices around.

More Useful Features

The DECT VOIP phones you’ll find at liGo are more than just phones — they’re a complete home or office communications system. Most models feature built-in answering machines, contact lists, and large colour displays. Some even have touch screens for added convenience, and many will sync with your smart phone or computer to save you the trouble of punching in all of your contacts. All DECT VOIP phones provide excellent sound performance, with some phones offering HD sound for crystal clear conversations.