Top 10 Best VoIP Cordless Phones

Top 10 Best VoIP Cordless Phones

Our cordless phones experts have hand-picked the very best VoIP phones on the market.

The world of Cordless Phones is currently going through a revolution, thanks to the power of VoIP. Unlike traditional phone calls, which are transmitted via the copper wires that run through your phone line, calls on VoIP Phones are made through an internet connection. That means it’s now possible to make calls between landlines, mobiles and computers. Not only is this a lot more convenient in today’s interconnected world, but it also helps to slash the cost of phone calls. VoIP calls are therefore the ideal choice for busy offices with a lot of outgoing calls. They are also a solid choice for homes that make a high amount of calls, since they save money on your phone bills and also free you from the annoyance of having the line tied up.

As this technology takes off, more and more companies are producing VoIP-compatible handsets. This is good news for users, but it can also make it more difficult to choose the right model for your needs. Thankfully, liGo are on hand to help. From top brands such as Gigaset and Yealink we have tested all the Cordless VoIP Phones in the UK market to bring you our list of the Best VoIP Cordless Phones of the year!

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If you are looking for a VoIP Cordless Phone to suit your needs, you’ll obviously be swamped with choices. We hope the above list made your buying choice a little easier, or at least offered you some inspiration for your next designer electronics purchase.