Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags

Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags

We’ve conducted extensive tests on sleeping bags for various uses, excursions, temperatures, and budgets; discover our Best Buys!

As an experienced outdoors enthusiast who has spent over 15 years wild camping in some pretty demanding environments, I can appreciate the importance of a good night's sleep in the wild. Whilst I love being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature around me, from leaves rustling in the wind, the hooting of an owl, or the rhythmic sound of a stream, I would say that having the right sleeping bag is the most crucial thing to ensure warmth, safety, and comfort. With so many sleeping bags available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top picks along with some key factors to consider when selecting a sleeping bag Read on to discover which sleeping bags are worth considering for your next outdoor adventure.

  1. Best Buy Sleeping Bag 2024: Vango Zenith 300
  2. Best Value All-Rounder: Highlander Serenity 450
  3. Best Sleeping Bag for Backpacking: Vango Zenith 75
  4. Best Sleeping Bag for Festivals & Beginners: Vango Atlas 350
  5. Best 4 Season Sleeping Bag for Cold Weather: Vango Cobra 600
  6. Best Sleeping Bag for Warmer Climates: Highlander Trekker 50
  7. Best Budget Sleeping Bag: Vango Atlas 250
  8. Best Sleeping Bag for Comfort: Vango Kanto 250
  9. Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag: Vango Cobra 200
  10. Best Double Sleeping Bag: Highlander Sleepline 250 Double
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So, read on to discover our top picks!

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