Vango Cobra 400 Sleeping Bag - Anthracite

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Key Features

  • Lightweight: Total Weight of 0.92kg
  • Performance Usability: 3 Season
  • 20D 380T Nylon Outer Shell Fabric: Durable and Water Resistant
  • Internal Pocket: For convenient storage of small items such as mobile phones
  • 4-Strap Compression Stuffsack: Minimises pack size for easy transportation

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The distinctively shaped Vango Cobra 400 offers an extremely lightweight option for trekking or those out for an adventure where they can pack light and get around faster. With a Welded Box Wall construction, box shaped baffle channels filled with down ensure maximum loft and an even distribution of down from head to toe. It has also been engineered to ergonomically fit around your head and shoulders for improved heat retention. The Cobra has a 20D 380T Nylon Outer Shell fabric which is durable and water-resistant, enhancing its longevity. It also benefits from Thermal Reverb which radiates your body heat for maximum warmth and comfort.
Insulation and Compression

The Vango Cobra 400 sleeping bag is insulated with a synthetic filling called 'Insulite Helix'. This type of insulation is designed to be both lightweight and warm, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and backpacking. Insulite Helix is a high-quality synthetic filling that provides warmth and comfort while also being compressible, which means it can be easily packed down into a small space when not in use. The filling is composed of a mix of hollow and solid fibres that trap air and retain heat effectively, keeping you warm and cosy even in colder temperatures. One of the advantages of synthetic insulation is that it can still retain heat even when wet. It also features a lining called 'Reflective Interlining', which further enhances the insulating properties of the bag by reflecting heat back towards the user. This, combined with the Insulite Helix filling, helps to create a warm and comfortable environment for a good night's sleep.

An Adventure Sleeping Bag with Comfort in mind

The Vango Cobra 400 sleeping bag has a mummy shape, which is a popular design choice for outdoor sleeping bags. Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are designed to be more thermally efficient, as they have less empty space inside the bag than traditional rectangular-shaped bags. This means that less air needs to be warmed up inside the bag, which can help to keep the sleeper warmer and more comfortable. Designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit, as the bag tapers towards the feet and has a close-fitting hood that can be adjusted to fit the user's head. This can help to prevent cold spots and drafts, ensuring a comfortable and restful night's sleep. In addition, it features a soft-touch brushed polyester lining that is designed to feel comfortable against the skin. The lining is breathable, which can help to regulate body temperature and prevent overheating or sweating. The bag also has a handy internal pocket that can be used to store small items such as a phone or flashlight, which can be useful for keeping these items close at hand during the night.

When to use the Cobra 400

It is important to consider the specific conditions you will be facing. The sleeping bag's temperature rating of -1°C makes it suitable for use in cooler climates, but it may not be warm enough for very cold or extreme conditions. In these situations, it may be necessary to supplement the sleeping bag's insulation with additional layers or a warmer sleeping pad. To ensure maximum comfort while using it on an adventure, it is recommended to pair with a suitable sleeping pad, which can provide additional insulation and cushioning. A good quality pad will help to prevent heat loss to the ground, which can be a significant source of discomfort during cold weather camping. The Vango Cobra 400 sleeping bag can be used in a tent or other shelter, or it can be used under the stars in milder weather conditions. If using the sleeping bag outside, it is important to take appropriate precautions to protect it from moisture or dampness, such as using a bivvy sack or waterproof cover.

Ethically Sourced Down Material

Welded Box Wall Construction - The down filling is contained in welded box shaped baffle channels for maximum loft and to maintain an even distribution of down from head to toe, reducing heat loss through the seams. 20D 380T Nylon Outer Shell Fabric is used, which is durable and water resistant and protects the goose down from the elements, ensuring the sleeping bag performs at its best and is long-lasting. Thermal Reverb is an aluminised layer that reflects heat back to the user to increase warmth. Hydro Barrier Down is made of premium 90/10 700 Fill Power Goose Down which stays drier 4x longer than untreated down. Ethically Sourced Down that has humanely collected down from birds that have not been subject to any unnecessary harm.

Why Should You Buy This Sleeping Bag?

The Vango Cobra 400 sleeping bag is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize warmth and comfort. Its welded box wall construction, Hydro Barrier Down insulation, and soft inner lining provide excellent insulation and a comfortable fit. Additionally, its durable and water-resistant outer shell and ethical sourcing of materials make it a responsible choice for those concerned with sustainability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great value, great sleeping bag

I used this in the lake district and plan to use it in Scotland. Lovely and warm and actually quite easy to pack back into its carrier - something that has not always been the case with other sleeping bags I've had! Light and easy to carry, so ticks all the boxes for me

Excellent buy!

I used this bag during recent camping trip in the Lake District. Very happy with how it performed. Kept me nice and warm and confident that it would be good in colder weather too! Would recommend

Amazing, lightweight yet warm sleeping bag!

Incredible value, you'll be hard pushed to beat this for the money in my view. It's incredibly lightweight at under 1kg on my kitchen scales but has kept me perfectly warm and comfortable through the night in temperatures as low as 1 degrees. Can't recommend highly enough!

Excellent sleeping bag!

Brilliant sleeping bags! I've used it late winter/early spring in Scottish highlands and holds up to the expected spec. Incredible value in my opinion

Lisa W
Best sleeping bag!

What a fantastic sleeping bag! I had almost given up hope of finding one that balanced cost, size, weight, and warmth before discovering this. Despite being as compact as my previous synthetic 2-season bag, it has many advantages. It comes with a mesh bag that allows for long-term storage without squashing it into the stuff sack. At under 1kg it's really lightweight. I slept soundly for 8 hours at 3 degrees Celsius without waking up once to adjust it. Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with this sleeping bag.