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Fill your whole home with music with our great range of multiroom speakers. With WiFi connectivity and excellent sound quality, these speakers are the perfect way to enjoy all your favourite music and podcasts.

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Multiroom speakers are transforming the way that we listen to music. This kind of setup would once have required you to rewire your home, but nowadays things are much simpler. By seamlessly linking up different speakers throughout your home using your WiFi network, you can take complete control over what's playing where.

When building a new multiroom setup, you should note that not all multiroom speakers are compatible with each other. Many brands use the universal UNDOK app to link up multiple devices. This means that you could use, for instance, a Revo speaker alongside a Roberts speaker. However, other manufacturers use their own apps, meaning their speakers will only work with others of the same make. So the Audio Pro Addon C3 can work with the Addon C5, but it won’t be able to talk to a Sonos One.

If you need any help choosing your next speaker, or have questions about compatibility, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly. Our customer service team are available via phone, email, and livechat, and are always happy to help!