Pure Evoke Play DAB & Internet Radio with Bluetooth in Coffee Black

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Key Features

  • DAB, FM & internet radio modes
  • Spotify Connect functionality
  • Display screen folds away when not in use
  • Eco-certified recycled wool speaker grille

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All that is radio, rethought.

The choice of music sources is as varied as your tastes in music. The Evoke Play fulfills all your music needs, no matter how you want to access your favourite tracks. As a smart radio, the Evoke Play combines analogue radio (FM), digital radio (DAB) and Internet connectivity for a more robust and reliable listening experience. With a choice of over 85,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world, plus access to national and regional programming via DAB+/FM, every ear will find its favourite sound.

A music system for life

Bluetooth and Spotify Connect ensure you can enjoy the latest releases via streaming services from your Evoke Play wherever you want. Using an *optional ChargePAK with 12h battery life, this versatile companion can be at home anywhere. The comfortable shape, the pleasant weight and the practical carrying handle make the Play the ultimate companion at home.

The ultimate in ease

The foldable colour display doesn’t only save space or make this compact music system look even slimmer, it also makes it easy to fold out distracting lights. Complex functions such as alarm clock, timer or changing the audio source are accommodated in the foldable display to save space. Everyday functions are easily accessible on the surface of the Evoke Play. The illuminated volume control provides additional visual feedback even when the display is closed. Using the UNDOK app, your music system can be controlled from your Smartphone. UNDOK is available in the AppStore or Google Play Store. This makes operation intuitive and easy for everyone in the household.

Powerful sound in state-of-the-art form

With a surprising 40W of audio power in a smart form factor, the Evoke Play plays at any occasion. From two 20mm soft dome tweeters and a 3.5 inch woofer, the versatile music system delivers favourite content in powerful stereo sound.

Sustainable and stylish

With a front made from eco-certified and recycled wool, each Evoke Play is unique. The wool fabric gives the music system a modern look while remaining virtually odourless in any environment.

Customer Reviews

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Fashionable and Functional

The Evoke Play in coffee/black with ChargePak is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is a compact, powerful, and stylish looking speaker which will fit in with many room styles. It was very easy to set up and connect with bluetooth, Spotify, and DAB. It looks great in any room and provides a nice song as well. Great combination!

Fashionable and Functional

The Evoke Play in coffee/black with ChargePak is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is a compact, powerful, and stylish looking speaker which will fit in with many room styles. It was very easy to set up and connect with bluetooth, Spotify, and DAB. It looks great in any room and provides a nice song as well. Great combination!


I recently purchased the Pure Evoke Play radio and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The sound quality is outstanding and the sleek design looks great in my living room. The radio is incredibly easy to set up and use, and the digital display makes it simple to find and tune into my favorite stations. What's great about the Pure Evoke Play is its portability, thanks to the optional Chargepak battery. With the Chargepak, I can take the radio with me wherever I go, whether I'm having a picnic in the park or relaxing on the beach. The battery lasts for hours, so I can enjoy my music or radio shows without worrying about running out of power. In addition to its portability, the Pure Evoke Play is also versatile. Not only can I listen to FM and DAB radio stations, but I can also connect my smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and listen to my own music collection. Plus, with Spotify Connect, I can easily stream music directly from my Spotify account and enjoy my favorite playlists and podcasts on the Pure Evoke Play's high-quality speakers. The radio also has a handy alarm function, which has made waking up in the morning much more pleasant. Overall, I highly recommend the Pure Evoke Play radio, especially with the optional Chargepak battery. Its exceptional sound quality, easy-to-use design, and versatility make it a fantastic addition to any home, as well as a great companion for any outdoor adventure.

Great System

While unboxing, I thought it was well packaged and did not think how small it was, did expect it to be slightly bigger however once I setup the system, I cannot believe the sound quality it was providing. Even in FM the sound was great.

On setup, I must admit, All you have to do is turn it on and go through the setup wizard which is straight forward and was running in no time at all. You dont even need to connect it to your WiFi to use it but a massive difference when you do as this opens up Internet Radio which had loads more stations to choose from from all genres and countries. There's actually too much to choose from and can be there all day looking.

Not just radio stations but you can also connect to Bluetooth really easy as well as Spotify and listen to podcasts from around the world, again you can take all day looking through them never mind listening to them. DAB Radio is ok however not much scope in my region but why need it when you have internet radio to use.

The only negative is that it is not got a smart assistant, Yes you have an app you can download and use to change the settings, stations, volume etc but would have been even greater with an assistant, so it is smart but not that smart.

Like how you can just unplug and go on the move with it anywhere you wish due to the battery pack.

The sound quality, not sure what to say really as it is excellent especially for the size of it. Ever since it has arrived, it is always on in the background while working from home. This is something I would recommend and cant wait to go outdoors with it in the summer.

Good speaker but room for improvement!

I've enjoyed using the Evoke Play with ChargePak. Having the option of adding the battery is nice as it makes it so much more versatile than if it was only mains powered. I did find installing the battery rather fiddly and think a battery that slots in similar to those found on power tools or video game controllers would have been a much better design.

The speaker feels like a quality, well made piece of kit. I find the menu system and controls a bit clunky. It's easier to control the speaker from the UNDOK app. Sound quality is quite good although I think it is a little bass heavy on the default settings.

I struggled with the internet radio as it would play for a while and then cut back and repeat what had just played. I'm guessing this is probably a signal strength issue with my Wi-Fi. I also found DAB reception a bit patchy but this was again probably due to where I had the speaker in the house. The Spotify connectivity is handy and having so many options means you can always find something to listen to on on one of the functions.

Overall I'm pleased with the speaker but feel it could have been a bit better with better controls and sound quality.