Top 5 - Best Coffee Machines

Top 5 - Best Coffee Machines

Our team of experts have hand-tested every model on the market to come up with our list of the very best coffee machines.

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, especially when it's been made to barista standards. But you don't have to leave the house to enjoy it- with one of or top-rated coffee machines, you can brew up at home with ease. We've scoured the market, tested various models, and consulted experts to bring you this carefully selected lineup of coffee makers that excel in delivering exceptional flavor, convenience, and versatility. Whether you prefer a classic cup of black coffee, a rich and velvety espresso, or a frothy cappuccino, we've got you covered. Read on to discover the perfect coffee companion.

Coffee machines come in three main types. On the cheapest end of the spectrum, you've got filter coffee machines. These use pre-ground beans to produce usually a large amount of coffee, although many machines also come with a one-cup function. The advantage of these, other than the price, is that they allow you to quickly make enough coffee for a group of people at just the touch of a button. Some include a keep-warm function, where a plate under the carafe will keep the coffee above at a drinkable temperature for up to half an hour. Next up are espresso machines, which as the name suggest produce a shot of espresso. Again, these use pre-ground beans, and some come with an integrated steam wand for frothing up milk for cappuccinos. Finally, bean-to-cup machines will grind the beans as well as making your coffee, for the freshest possible quality.

Our experts have tested countless models and drank endless cups of coffee to find the very best on the market. So, read on to discover our top picks!

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