Smeg EGF03 Espresso Coffee Machine in Black

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Key Features

  • Adjustable grind level
  • 4 filters (2 pressurised and 2 non-pressurised)
  • 4 extraction temperature levels
  • 2 steam intensity levels

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The exciting new EGF03 espresso coffee machine with an integrated grinder is the latest addition to the Smeg family of small appliances and a must-have for discerning coffee connoisseurs who know that every step in the coffee-making ritual is important. From selecting the finest beans to achieving the perfect grind to suit your taste, this espresso machine caters to every aspect of your coffee journey.

Key features include a built-in grinder ensuring optimal freshness and flavour extraction, the ability to create two espressos at once and a professional steam wand that creates velvety-smooth milk froth, guaranteed to transform your home into your favourite café. This machine has it all and will take pride of place on countertops as a stand-out appliance.

 Personalised Perfection

The 250g capacity bean hopper holds the beans ready for grinding. The texture can then be customised by rotating clockwise for a finer finish and greater intensity whilst anticlockwise delivers a coarser grind with a subtler taste. For an even grind that preserves all the aromas, the integrated coffee grinder is equipped with stainless steel conical burrs that allow you to achieve a super-fine grind. To clean, the top grinder can be easily removed.

To keep your coffee hotter for longer, place your cup on the stainless steel upper tray and select the pre-warm setting before brewing. Thanks to the 58mm portafilter holder and professional steam wand with dual steam levels (crafted from stainless steel) you can create coffee and milk-based preparations like a real barista. Combined with the impressive pressure gauge, you can monitor the optimal quality for extraction according to the espresso parameters, and produce an espresso customised to each person's preference.

The dual thermoblock heating system, allows the coffee and milk circuits to work separately, which ensures that the steam function is always ready right after brewing, so there is no waiting time for milk frothing. The steam wand is rotational and is accompanied by a 450ml stainless steel milk jug. For an extra hot coffee, turning the wand clockwise adds hot water to a drink, whereas counter-clockwise will warm, steam and froth milk at different intensities.

Intuitive Control

The espresso machine offers a range of drink customisations to suit every preference: the dual menu on the control panel makes preparation easy to manage.

In the main menu, you can choose between two pre-set grind options for single or double espresso, as well as two brewing options for one or two cups of coffee.

Within the settings menu, you can select your preferred pre-infusion profile from four different profiles (short, standard, long, and progressive pre-infusion) and adjust the extraction temperature from four levels.

The hardness of local water is taken into account and can be adapted to, spanning across soft, medium, hard and very hard settings, so the machine will produce the best-tasting coffee possible, regardless of your location.


Several accessories are included with this coffee machine offering the complete coffee connoisseur experience. There are non-pressurised and pressurised filters, the milk carafe and various accessories for cleaning and maintaining the machine. These accessories can be easily stored behind the drip tray for a clean and tidy look.


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Makes the best coffee :)

I’ll never go out for coffee again!