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Quint Cordless Phones Bundles

Tired of dashing to answer the telephone every time it rings? Then you need a quint cordless phones bundle. This will allow you to place a separate handset in the most used rooms in your home or office, so you’re never too far from the phone. Only the main base needs to be connected to a phone line. For each additional handset, the charging cradle simply requires a mains socket to plug into. Some of the latest models come with a separate base, so that all of the quint cordless phones can be located wherever you need them.

Practical DECT Features

Our quint cordless phone bundles let you make the most of the latest features provided by digital cordless phones. For instance, you can easily make internal calls between handsets, so that they double up as an intercom system. Conference calling is also made simple, as other handsets can be invited to join at any time. If there is an integrated answering machine on the base, then all of the quint cordless phones will be able to access and listen to messages recorded on it. There’s no need to update the phonebook on every handset, either- contacts can also be shared, and some models automatically sync the address book to all five handsets.

Repeater compatible

The vast majority of our quint cordless phones bundles are fully repeater compatible. This is good news if you’re having range issues, or simply want to spread out your handsets over a larger area. Just like the handsets themselves, DECT repeaters simply need to be plugged into the mains and synced with the base. They will then be ready for action, and can effectively double the range of your quint cordless phones. Up to three repeaters can be registered to a single base, and we offer discounted prices in our package deals when you order multiple handsets.

If you have any questions about the models we offer, then our Customer Service team are always happy to help. Just get in touch by phone or email, and we will gladly provide whatever assistance you need.