Gigaset Premium E390A Cordless Phone, Five Handsets with Big Buttons

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Key Features

  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • Extra loud volume boost
  • Large 2.2” TFT colour display with easy to read jumbo font
  • SOS emergency call function
  • Integrated answering machine with up to 30 minutes recording time

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Enjoy calls on your landline like never before with the Gigaset Premium E390A. Developed as an easy to use cordless phone that offers all the advantages of Gigaset’s new premium flagship home phone but with some additional features to provide enhanced convenience and reliability for elderly users. For example, different audio profiles and the right volume for every level of hearing (including an extra loud volume boost), large illuminated keys, a display optimised for reading, and intuitive menu navigation for easy operation, a direct call function and an emergency call key. The Gigaset E390A also has an integrated answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time.

Gigaset E390A handset on white table
Gigaset E390: Readability is a big priority.

The readability of numbers and entries is the key to easy, convenient operation. That’s why the E390 large-key telephone offers a large high-contrast colour display with a magnifier function for displayed text. For instance, a name selected from the phone book is automatically magnified and highlighted on an orange background. If the magnified name is wider than the display, it will scroll across the display. The entered digits also appear extra large on this colour background in dialling mode. Thanks to illumination, the display is very easy to read even in difficult lighting.

Gigaset E390A sound profiles
Sounds doubly good: 2 acoustic profiles for optimal hearing.

This telephone adapts to your level of hearing: The Gigaset E390 has 2 acoustic profiles which especially emphasise either the high or the low frequency range. That’s because a person’s sense of hearing changes over the course of life. In particular, high frequencies are more difficult to discern with advancing age. With the E390 you can simply select the profile which you find most pleasant.

Gigaset E390A volume settings
It handles the soft sounds – even surrounded by noise.

The cordless Gigaset E390 telephone provides excellent sound quality – and high volume if necessary. This is practical, for example, when somebody is watching a movie or the entire family is visiting you. Then you can very simply adjust the volume on the Gigaset E390 to your surrounding environment in five stages. In addition, you can double the volume by pressing the “extra loud” key once. This is especially helpful if your household includes several people with different hearing abilities. The next time the telephone is used, the volume returns to the predefined level.

SOS emergency call function
Reliable dialling when you’re in a hurry.

With this large-key telephone, help is just a keystroke away: The right function key serves as a defined emergency call key with SOS function. You can store up to 4 numbers on it which are called in an emergency, such as relatives or neighbours. Here's how the emergency call function works:

  • When you initiate the emergency call by pressing the right function key, the telephone automatically calls all 4 stored numbers. They are dialled up to 3 times in a row – until someone picks up.
  • When the called party answers, he or she will hear an emergency text.
  • The called party can speak personally with you by pressing the 5 key on his or her telephone.

Gigaset E390A answering machine
Gigaset E390A: the telephone with answering machine for multiple generations.

Even if you miss a call, you still receive the message with the Gigaset E390A large-key telephone. It has an integrated digital answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time. You can listen to the message conveniently via the base station, and also via the handset or via secure remote retrieval from anywhere. What's also good is that you have up to 170 seconds for your individual answer message. And if the power should ever go out at home, the recordings are still saved.

Ringing home phone handset
Sounds good – even with a hearing aid.

A hearing aid in your ear with your ear to the telephone – that often causes undesirable noises which make every phone call with a hearing aid unpleasant. The Gigaset E390 series is therefore hearing-aid-compatible (HAC) in accordance with the European ITU-T P.370 standard. Our cordless telephones thus make it possible for users with inductively coupled hearing aids to make telephone calls with ideal sound quality – without any disturbing noises.

ECO DECT mode logo
ECO DECT for radiation-free telephoning.

Like all Gigaset cordless telephones, the E390 also features the environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. The telephones are radiation-free in standby mode, even if several handsets are used, as long as the base station and all registered handsets support ECO DECT. During a telephone conversation, the transmitting power is automatically adjusted to the distance between the base station and the handset. The shorter the distance to the base station, the lower the radiation. For the maximum DECT range, the ECO DECT mode can be deactivated at any time.

Why should you buy this cordless phone?

The Siemens Gigaset Premium E390A is an easy-to-use big button cordless phone with exceptional sound quality, SOS emergency call features for the elderly, and great range.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

The only thing I have found to criticize is the strange ringing tone, quite different from the familiar one. Since it may be the norm in Germany, it would be sensible to offer a choice as a menu option. Otherwise it has some fine features some quite unexpected but very welcome.

Very pleased

With 5 phones my 92 year old can access the phone in multiple rooms. Very pleased with the quality

Read the review

The buttons are actually smaller than the old BT system it replaced which served us well for nearly 20 years but it has more features. The handbook is printed in tiny type I had to scan, enlarge and completely reprint it to read it at all.
I still cannot find how or where to connect another hand set whilst talking to an outside line. It seems to end the call whatever I do so the caller has to redial. Some of the sets have the time permanently on but others switch it off after replacing set on cradle. The menu doesn't resolve this (we have 5 sets) The answer machine seems to be permanently on. If we don't answer quickly enough we just don't get the call. A normal phone would ring for several minutes allowing time to get to it.
It's all too modern for its own good and was obviously designed for and by young agile people with perfect eyesight, hearing and limbs. Never mind, a few years will teach them otherwise!

Very Good Product

This is the third Gigaset I have purchased. They are easy to install, easy to use and very versitile. The clear display and large buttons are ideal. The only criticism I have is that the number of ring tones is very limited. Apart from that great product and excellent value for money I would highly recommend them.


Like another reviewer, my main reason for choosing these phones was the colour. But they are excellent phones, too, and very easy to operate. Whereas I'm no't really ready (!!) for the big buttons, they are much easier to see, and I'm sure will stand me in good stead for when that day comes! The sound is superb, and although I had a small problem with programming the clock display on the additional handsets (my fault - it was easy) customer services were very helpful and informative and sorted it out immediately.