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Low Cost And License-Free Wireless Communication

The benefits of two-way radios are numerous. They offer inexpensive, wireless communication over a UHF frequency that anyone can use without a license. They offer a fairly wide range (with the specific distance dependent on the individual model), and they’re perfect for keeping track of kids during an outing to a crowded area, staying in touch with mates on adventure treks, or communicating with employees on a noisy outdoor work site. As with most communications devices, there are a number of accessories for two-way radios. And of course, liGo has a strong inventory of these to make your two-way radio usage as easy and convenient as possible.

Advanced Transceivers

While most two-way radios come in sets of two, three, four, or even more, there are some dedicated transceivers for communication with multiple radio handsets over the same frequency. Models from Kenwood, Icom, and others offer features like high quality voice communication and voice scrambling for more private conversations. And, for truly hands-free communication, you’ll find several Peltor two-way radio headsets at liGo. These are wide-range radio transceivers that are comfortable to wear and convenient to use when you need to get work manual done and also be in communication with associates.

Power When You Need It

While the battery life for most two-way radios is fairly long, the last thing you want is for your battery to run out just when you need it most. At liGo, you’ll find a number of options to keep your power supply from running out at inopportune times. We stock extra rechargeable batteries that will fit a number of different two-way radio models, as well as a USB charging cable for powering up on the go, you’ll find the accessories you need to keep your two-way radio working well at all times.