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While cordless phones have become the standard, corded phones are still an excellent choice for many reasons. Whether you need a deskphone for your office, or a stylish retro phone to brighten up your home, we have a wide selection of corded models to choose from. Browse our full range of corded phones below.

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Corded Phones – For business & home

You might think that corded phones are yesterday's news. In our experience nothing could be further from the truth. Although wireless communication is seen as the 21st century norm, there's still very much a place for the corded phone in many offices and homes. A lot of people still prefer corded phones over their cordless cousins. Why? There are a number of reasons. Corded phones are not only more economical in their energy usage than their cordless and mobile cousins, they're also a good choice for highly secure phones calls since their transmission can't be intercepted. For the same reason call clarity is also superior and ultra-reliable. Many models are also very affordable, making them a good choice for the phone user who doesn't want whistles and bells with their phone – just the ability to make a good, clear and cost-effective phone call.

Corded Phones by BT, Gigaset & More

Many top manufacturers are making the most of a new era of corded phones, creating good looking designs that will sit well in any home or office, as well as building in all the modern features you need to make your life easier – from call waiting to memory dialling. Our Customer Reviews will help you to identify the right phone for you by learning from the experience of others. Whilst our friendly customer service team are standing by to give you guidance if you're not sure exactly which phone is the ideal model for you. Plus, naturally, liGo gives you great online discounts on models from all the biggest manufacturers including BT, Gigaset and Wild & Wolf.