Top 10 Best Long Range Cordless Phones

Top 10 Best Long Range Cordless Phones

With almost 20 years of experience testing cordless phones, we know how to separate the best home phones from the worst.

There's no doubt about it- cordless phones are so much more flexible than the corded models of years gone by. No longer are you tethered to the phone line when you want to make a call, and many models allow you to add up to six separate handsets to a single base for whole-home coverage. However, sometimes you might need a bit more range than a standard cordless phone can offer. That's where a long range bundle can really come in handy. These come packaged with a DECT repeater, which provide up to double the range.

The majority of DECT phones nowadays are repeater-compatible (but not all of them, so it's important to check before you buy). However, not all cordless phones are created equal. Luckily, though, our experts have done the hard part for you by rigorously testing every long range cordless phone on the market today to come up with the following list of our top ten picks. We analyse sound quality, ease of use, and crucially the real distance that they will reach before the signal starts to cut out.

Other than the added range, though, these models are the same as their standard counterparts. This means they come in at all budgets, and each model has its own feature set that's worth considering. For instance, some models like the Gigaset S700 also offer VoIP functionality, while others boast advanced Nuisance Call Blocking features or extra-durable build. Whichever model you choose, there's one thing you can count on- we monitor our prices daily to make sure our customers always get the best value. We also offer a Price Match Promise so if you do find it cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match it.

So, read on to discover our top picks!

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The 3 most common causes of poor range

1. Your telephone point is not in a central location

If you've got multiple cordless handsets, then they all rely on a connection to the main base, which is plugged into your phone line. If this is at one end of your house, then you may find that you struggle to get a strong signal at the other end. A carefully-positioned repeater can be a big help with this, as it means you effectively have another base for the handsets to draw their signal from.

2. You live in a property with thick walls

If you live in an old building then chances are it was constructed from thick solid materials like concrete. Whilst the DECT signal can pass through this, each wall hampers the strength, thereby reducing call quality and total range.

3. Your phones need replaced

As with all electronic goods, cordless phones don’t last forever and will need replacing. If your current set is 10 years or older and your experiencing problems with sound quality or range, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Shop from our full range of Long Range Cordless Phones.