Top 10 Best Roberts DAB Radios

Top 10 Best Roberts DAB Radios

We have tested every DAB radio in the UK to separate the best from the worst models.

Roberts have been one of the most popular radio manufacturers in the UK for the best part of a century, and are still going strong today. Best known for their iconic Revival series, their radios come with some serious pedigree. But with so many models available- and many of them looking pretty much the same to the untrained eye- it can be tricky to choose which is the right one for you. Luckily, that's where our product experts come in!

We've tested every single Roberts radio currently on the market, so that we can see for ourselves just how they perform in practise. From their most advanced models with WiFi connectivity built-in, to more budget friendly bedside radios, we take each product on its own merit. Our Best Roberts Radios list is updated several times throughout the year so that you can be sure all of the models on the list are the most current and up to date. So, read on to discover our best DAB radio picks!

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