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Listen on the go with our fantastic range of Portable DAB Radios. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern model or one with some retro charm, these portable sets make for the perfect accessory on your travels.

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Portable DAB Radios

With DAB listenership on the rise, more and more people want to tune in on the go. To accommodate these users, there are now plenty of portable DAB radios to choose from.Here at liGo, we stock a wide range of these models from top manufacturers like VQ and Panasonic.

Why go portable?

There are plenty of reasons why a portable DAB radio is an excellent choice. For one thing, you’ll have the freedom to move your new set anywhere you like in your home or garden. That makes them ideal for use in the kitchen or garden, where flexibility is important. They also tend to be smaller than fixed models, allowing you to place them just about anywhere. Whether sitting on a bookshelf or out in the garden, you can take your new radio anywhere you like! They also make for a great companion when you’re out and about, too.

In addition, many of these models also include Bluetooth connectivity, so they can also double up as a Bluetooth speaker. This makes them doubly useful, as you can take control of the music yourself if there’s nothing on the radio that you want to listen to. With sound quality to rival standalone Bluetooth speakers, it makes sense to invest in a portable DAB radio that also includes this feature- especially since they cost about the same.

Choosing the right portable DAB radio

When looking for a portable DAB radio, there are a number of factors to consider. Most importantly, do you want a model that takes standard batteries, or one that comes with its own rechargeable power pack? This really comes down to personal preference, as power packs tend to be slightly more expensive in the short term, whereas the cost of replacement batteries can stack up in the long run.

Sound quality is another big factor to think about. Since portable DAB radios are usually smaller than their stationary counterparts, their speakers are usually not quite as good. That’s not always the case, though- some, like the VQ Monty, bridge the gap between portable and stationary. If sound quality is important to you, then we would advise choosing a model that takes a power pack rather than batteries.