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VoIP Phones

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it's changing the way in which we communicate and do business. By harnessing today's broadband technology, VoIP phones enable you to keep in touch across the globe- without the international fees that come with landline calls. Even with domestic calls, users are still able to make significant cost savings. This is technology that's moving fast, with most VoIP phones incorporating energy efficient features, unbeatable clarity, dual capability between landline and internet, integrated phone books, full colour displays that function like your mobile menu, and more.

The Advantages of VoIP Phones

The biggest benefit of VoIP phones is the cost. VoIP providers don’t need to worry about physical lines and the costs that come with them. Instead, they only have to cover the price of web hosting- and then pass those savings on to their customers. There’s also a lot more choice when it comes to selecting a provider, and you won’t be stuck in the monopoly that BT have built around landlines.

That’s not all that VoIP phones have going for them, though. They also make calls a whole lot more convenient. Regular models tend to have features like conference calling and call transferring as an optional extra. VoIP models, though, include these as standard. They are a truly interconnected piece of tech, and harness the full power of the digital world to make your life more convenient.

Perfect for Home and Business

VoIP home phones will soon become the norm, but they are also the ideal telecoms solution for businesses. If you make a lot of outgoing calls each day, then you stand to save a huge amount by switching to VoIP. What’s more, it is also an incredibly scalable solution. If you need to upscale at a later date, you can easily do so by simply adding on additional handsets. No need to get a new phone line fitted!

If you're looking for a VoIP phone, then liGo is the place to come. Browse online at your leisure to discover plenty of options – each one carefully chosen by us for its quality, functionality, performance and efficiency. We're here to help, so if browsing isn't your thing and you want to get straight to your ideal product just call our customer service team and we'll be delighted to assist! Alternatively, you can read some of our Customer Reviews of VoIP phones to help you find what you’re looking for.