Top 10 Two Way Radios for Business

Top 10 Two Way Radios for Business

We have been testing and reviewing Two Way Radios for more than a decade so know what separates the best from the worst.

Two-Way Radios are an incredibly popular piece of tech with both casual users and professionals alike. However, for many business users, they are a vital communications tool that are used day in, day out. Whether you work in a warehouse, outdoors, or in a retail environment, walkie talkies let colleagues keep in touch quickly and effectively. Here at liGo, we know how important it is that you make the right choice for your team- so we've put together the following list to help you do just that!

When choosing a new set of two-way radios, there are a number of things to consider. Perhaps most important amongst these is the walkie talkie's maximum range. If you are planning on using your radios on a family camping trip, or are looking for kids' walkie talkies, then a shorter range will probably be enough to meet your needs. However, for business users, or those going on hiking or skiing trips, then you will likely need a longer range- around 10km. What's more, you should also think about any additional features that you may need from your radios. For instance, many of Motorola's TALKABOUT range come with an easy pairing button, which helps to make set-up that little bit simpler. Others come with IP ratings to make them dust-proof and waterproof, and some like the Motorola T92 and Cobra AM1035 even float in water- making them the obvious choice for kayaking trips.

So, read on to discover our top picks!

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