Cobra AM655 Twin Walkie Talkies

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Key Features

  • Licence Free UHF/FM Radio with up to 8Km range, Combine 16 channels. 121 privacy codes, and 1963 Privacy Combinations and communicates with all other 446 Radios
  • User's voice is detected by VOX (Voice activated transmission) and the radio transmits without the need to press any buttons, freeing the user's hands for other tasks. 5 VOX sensitivity levels allow user to select at which point the radio will detect thei
  • Provides up to 5 easily recognisable call alerts for incoming calls
  • Roger Beep Confirmation tone indicates the completion of the user's transmission, and signals to others it is clear to talk. This feature is selectable and can be turned on or off
  • A unique circuit extends the life of your batteries. If there are no transmissions within 10 seconds, the until will automatically switch to battery saver mode

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Getting ready for your next hike, camping trip or other outdoor activity? This Cobra model has a compact design with up to 8 kilometre range. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission frees hands for other tasks. It has five selectable tones to distinguish between different parties for incoming calls. A total of 1963 channel combinations are available when the 16 channels are combined with the 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS). These combinations prevent interference from other radios.

Cobra AM655 walkie talkie
The perfect walkie talkies for outdoor adventures

These Cobra AM655 walkie talkies come with a Water-resistant (IPX2) two-way radio with up to 8 km range and a rugged design. That makes them the ideal choice for hiking, camping, and skiing- or any situation when you need your radios to put up with tough conditions. They also come packed with a host of handy features, including an 8km maximum performance range, Voice-activated transmission (vox)Hands-free usage to automatically transmit when you speak, Call Tones that let you give you 5 selectable tones help you distinguish between different parties

Cobra AM655 two-way radio
8km range

The Cobra AM655 provides an impressive 8km maximum range- which is well above the average for license-free two-way radios. This makes them the obvious choice for anyone who needs to cover a large amount of ground with their walkie talkies. If you’re hitting the hills or hiking across long distances, these radios will offer you plenty of range for your team. Please note that the actual range can be affected by the surrounding environment.

Two Cobra walkie talkies
Rugged design two-way radios

The Rugged design of the Cobra AM655 makes it perfect for use around water. Thanks to a colourful orange core, you’ll always be able to spot your walkie talkie quickly should you drop it in the grass. With it only weighing 45 grams it will not interfere with your adventures.

liGo packaging box
What's in the box?
  • 2 x Cobra AM655 Two-Way Radios
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 2 x Belt Clips
  • 6 x Rechargeable AA NiMH batteries

Why should you buy these two-way radios?

With a host of handy features, the Cobra AM655 is a great pick if you need a rugged, dependable two-way radio. Thanks to this Cobra model it has a compact design with up to 8-kilometre range. Voice-activated (VOX) transmission frees hands for other tasks and an 8km range as well, these walkie talkies are also suitable for any demanding environment.

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