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Walkie Talkies (also known as Two-Way Radios) are an essential means of communication for millions of users across the globe. From warehouses to skiing trips, these devices are ideal for quickly and easily keeping in touch with your team- all without any additional fees to pay. Browse our full range of two-way radios below.

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PMR 446 Licence Free Two Way Radios

PMR446-compliant radios can be used without a radio licence so are ideal for leisure pursuits or small businesses. We stock a wide range of licence-free two-way radios to choose from from budget models that are ideal for kids to more robust weatherproof models for braving the elements.

What range can you get on Licence Free Walkie Talkies?

The range capabilities of licence-free two way radios depends on a number of different factors. Depending on the surrounding terrain, the range can vary from a few hundred metres in a built up area to a few kilometres in open ground. Manufacturers will quote the maximum range handsets are capable of in clear line of site under ideal conditions. The maximum range on top-quality PMR446 two-way radios is up to 10km but you won't be able to achieve this range in a built-up city environment or heavily wooded areas. If you're in doubt about whether one of the two-way radios will suit your requirements, get in touch with one of our experts for advice.

Benefits of Licence Free Two Way Radios

The most obvious benefit of using Licence-Free Two Way Radios is the cost, as there is no licence required. They are also extremely easy to use as they come with pre-programmed radio frequencies so they will work out the box.