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Our 1-Person tents are ideal for perfect for solo campers. Most 1-person tents are lightweight and compact making them an ideal choice for wild camping, backpacking, and bike packing.

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Why Choose a 1-Man Tent?

When choosing a tent for camping, many people will naturally look at models designed for two or more people. However, there are plenty of instances where a one-man tent is a solid choice. The most obvious of these is the size and weight. A 1-man tent will typically be designed to be as lightweight
as possible, to make it easy for solo travellers to cart their kit around with them. They also tend to have a simpler design, which means they are often easier to put up. So, if you find yourself often struggling to put up a larger model that assumes there are at least two people putting the tent up, these might be your best bet. Some of the models we stock can be put up in just a couple of minutes!