Robens Elk River 1 Person Tent

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Key Features

  • Capacity: 1-Person Tent
  • Free standing construction; DAC poles and joints
  • Exoskeleton structure, clip-on
  • Pack size: 42 x 11cm
  • Lightweight: Overall packed weight of 1.52kg

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The Robens Elk River 1 sleeps one in a sloping tunnel design that uses a clip-on external single hoop with a ridge pole to create and maintain an aerodynamic shape − the occupant has enough head room to sit in the inner close to its door. Entry to the tent is via a front door that folds to one side. This features a double zip so the door can be cracked open at the top for additional ventilation. The front porch is large enough for backpack and boots.

Lightweight Design

The Elk River 1 excels in its lightweight design, making it an excellent companion for solo backpacking and hiking trips. Crafted with lightweight materials, this tent allows for easy transportation and hassle-free carrying. Its compact size when packed ensures it won't take up much space in your backpack, leaving room for other essential gear. Setting up the Elk River 1 is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. The tent features a straightforward and intuitive assembly process, allowing solo campers to pitch it quickly and efficiently. Its color-coded poles and clear instructions make the setup process a smooth experience, enabling you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.


When it comes to weather resistance, the Elk River 1 stands strong. Its durable flysheet and groundsheet offer reliable protection against rain and moisture. With a hydrostatic head rating of 3,000mm, the tent's waterproof properties ensure you stay dry even during heavy downpours. The robust construction and sturdy pole system contribute to its stability, allowing the tent to withstand gusty winds and adverse weather conditions.

Spacious Living

The Elk River 1 provides ample space for one person, with enough room to sleep comfortably and store essential gear. Its cleverly designed interior maximizes usable space, allowing for efficient organization and easy movement within the tent. The tent's generous headroom and well-placed storage pockets provide added convenience, ensuring you have a comfortable and clutter-free living space during your camping adventures.


Ventilation is a crucial aspect of any tent, and the Elk River 1 delivers in this regard. It features strategically positioned vents and mesh panels that facilitate optimal airflow, reducing condensation and maintaining a fresh and breathable interior environment. The efficient ventilation system ensures you stay comfortable throughout your camping experience, even in humid or warm conditions.

Why Should You Buy This Tent?

In summary, experts highly recommend the Robens Elk River 1 as a top-notch 1-person tent. Its lightweight design, user-friendly setup, reliable weather resistance, and efficient ventilation make it an outstanding choice for solo adventurers. With the Elk River 1 as your reliable shelter, you can embark on solo camping trips with confidence, knowing you have a durable and functional tent to enhance your outdoor experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Hayes
Snug and compact

Stargazing delight! Mesh roof, cool ventilation. Cozy, small footprint for remote campsites.

Jake Mitchell
Nice and simple

Compact, simple setup. Reliable waterproofing. Ideal for short trip.

Emma Turner
No issues on a wet adventure

Fresh interior, low profile handles wind well. Durable materials, held up in rain. Perfect for solo campers wanting comfort.

Alex Thompson
Solo Traveller's Companion

Lightweight, easy setup. Impressive stability in varied weather. Mesh door keeps bugs out. Ideal for solo backpacking.