Top 10 Best Bedside DAB Radio Alarm Clocks

Top 10 Best Bedside DAB Radio Alarm Clocks

We test every DAB radio in the UK to find the very best models.

There's never been a better time to invest in a new alarm clock radio. As DAB radio continues to become more and more popular, there are now a whole host of options available to those looking for a new bedside companion. Whether you simply want a basic model to wake you up in the morning, or are interested in more advanced features, there's so much on offer- and our experts have scoured the market to create the following list of ten of the best.

Our list of bedside DAB radios includes entries from big names like Pure and VQ, as well as lesser known (but still great quality) brands like Revo. All of them come with both DAB and FM modes, and include Bluetooth connectivity so that you can also use them as a Bluetooth speaker. From mini marvels to compact soundsystems, there's something for everyone here- so read on to discover our top picks!

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