Gigaset C575A Sextet Long Range

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Key Features

  • HD Sound for best call quality
  • Advanced full duplex loudspeaker
  • Slim design with beautiful large 2.2" TFT full colour display
  • Includes liGo DECT Repeater for up to double the range

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Enjoy calls on your landline like never before with the Gigaset C575A. A premium new digital cordless phone and answering machine with exceptional audio quality, high performance features, and plug-and-play set up. Made in Germany to the highest standard by Gigaset, the C575A comes with a 2-year guarantee. And with range of up to 50 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors you’ll be able to enjoy calls throughout your home.

Gigaset C575A Premium Cordless Phone
Advanced Cordless Phone Designed for Ease-of-use

The Gigaset C575A cordless telephone provides the perfect symbiosis of design, ergonomics and power for maximum comfort and convenience when telephoning. The slim design makes it easy to hold and combines an elegant appearance with modern technology: Smart and compact on the outside and full of practical ideas inside, this reliable family phone is wonderfully user-friendly. Thanks to the outstanding voice quality and optimum acoustics, making phone calls becomes a pleasure.

Gigaset C575A Phonebook
Phonebook and Call Management

Make managing your contacts as easy as possible with the Gigaset C575A's large address book, which can store up to 200 contacts (with first and last names and up to 3 phone numbers per contact). The programmable speed dial keys will put you in touch with whoever you're calling without having to key in long numbers. Another practical touch is the VIP tune, allowing you to instantly recognise particularly important callers just by the ring tone. In addition, you can easily exchange address book entries between all your connected Gigaset mobile units.

Gigaset C575A HD Sound
First-class Audio

Brilliant audio quality is a given with Siemens Gigaset Cordless Phones and the C575A is no exception. Enjoy crystal clear conversations on your landline whether talking hands-free on the excellent loudspeaker or through the earpiece. Volume can be adjusted to suit (5 levels for handset volume and hands-free mode) and the handset is fully hearing aid compatible. The Gigaset C575A also includes a range of personalisation options so that you can adjust the phone to suit your habits and preferences. For example, choose between 2 acoustic profiles, to give the right frequency range for your optimum hearing experience.

Gigaset C575A Nuisance Call Blocking
Protection from Nuisance Calls

Take advantage of the "Block anonymous calls" function to ensure peace and quiet at home. This function means that calls without a caller ID are only visually displayed or can be blocked completely without disturbing you. In addition, you can programme the C575A to silence the ringer at certain times of the day to ensure you aren’t disturbed at meal times or through the night. Contacts from your address book that are marked as VIPs, on the other hand, can be viewed and heard at any time.

C575A Features
Plug-and-play installation

The convenience of the Gigaset C575A starts straight out the box with the plug-and-play set-up. Then there's the clearly contrasting, large TFT colour display offering plenty of useful features and simple menu interface that is intuitive to use. Combined with the widely spaced illuminated keys and optional large font settings the Gigaset C575A reaches new heights of intuitive operation and convenience.

ECO Mode

Like all Gigaset Cordless Phones, the C575A comes equipped with environmentally friendly ECO DECT technology. This means your cordless phone is radiation-free in standby mode, even if more than one handset is being used, as long as the base and all the registered handsets support ECO DECT. During a call, the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the base and the mobile unit. The shorter the distance from the base, the lower the radiation. For maximum DECT range, you can deactivate the ECO DECT mode at any time.

liGo landline repeater
Extra Long Range with the liGo Repeater

Included with the Gigaset C575A is the liGo DECT Repeater, an easy to use range extender that works with most GAP compatible cordless phones. The repeater only requires a power supply and can be registered to the base station in a few easy steps that will take only a couple of minutes. Once registered the liGo repeater should be placed at the perimeter of the C575A signal for up to double your cordless range.

Why should you buy this cordless phone?

The Gigaset C575A is a high-quality digital cordless phone that delivers excellent sound quality, advanced features for the home, and reliable usability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bought For Better Sound Quality

Really pleased with phone its nice to handle with great sound quality. Would definitely recommend to anyone who can’t hear very well with existing phone. So happy with this

Very good

I received the phone system and set the units and base station up. I then set the Ligo range extender, making sure that the phone system was not connected to the line as the procedure entails using the phone keypad. The phone system was connected to the line and the range was tried out. Very successful resulting in reaching to the end of the garden with no trouble at all. The only drawback to the system is that the base stations have not got any weight to them so if you pick the phone up anything other than straight you usually pick the base up with the phone. Other than that I thoroughly recommend the system.

Review of Ligo more than Siemens

Purchased set of 6 Siemens Gigaset phones. Calls were cutting out on an irregular basis from new. Assumed it was the incoming line but that was checked as OK. After a year Ligo tested them, found nothing wrong but replaced the set. The new set still cut out but not very often therefore assume it is the phones not the line. Have had Siemens for years but wonder if the quality is now not as good as previous.

Cannot praise Ligo highly enough when dealing with the above.