Gigaset Premium 100A VoIP Cordless Phone, Quad Handset

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Key Features

  • Excellent acoustics with audio profiles that can be set quickly using function keys
  • An extra-large address book for up to 500 contacts with 3 telephone numbers each
  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • High-quality TFT colour display
  • Flexible stand-alone base for landline & VOIP

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A stylish and powerful DECT phone for landline that is packed with features. Ideal for use in the home or office the Gigaset Premium 100A offers excellent sound quality, incredible range, and extra long battery life.

Gigaset phone contact management
Contact Management Made Easy

No more paperwork, no more misplaced numbers: The extra-large address book of the Gigaset PREMIUM 100 offers space for up to 500 entries, each with three phone numbers. You can even assign your own VIP melodies to particularly important people or business contacts: So you can hear who's calling straight away.

Woman standing next to Gigaset landline phone
Exceptional HD Audio Performance

Do you have your hands full again? Then you'll love the Gigaset PREMIUM 100: With its hands-free function in full duplex quality, you can make calls comfortably - and do other things on the side. This is not only indispensable for conference calls. It's also very enduring, with a talk time of up to 12 hours and 300 hours standby time (or 95 hours with the display light always on). Thanks to the adjustable audio profiles, the acoustics also adapt to your environment in an instant. So not only do you hear better, you are also heard better! Speaking of hearing: The call volume of the PREMIUM 100 can be changed at any time using the control button on the side of the handset. And a headset can be connected to the 2.5 mm jack socket.

Large user friendly display
Large User Friendly Display

Showing your colours has never been more beautiful: the Gigaset PREMIUM 100 impresses with its illuminated TFT colour display (38 x 32 mm). Names, numbers or pictures are easy to see on it. So you'll never lose track of what's going on, even when things get busy at work or in your private life. The display illumination and the colour scheme can be set individually, choose between a modern dark or a high-contrast light background. The font size is also variable: your call lists and address book can also be displayed in large letters. And you even have a choice when it comes to the PREMIUM 100's screen saver: here you can display the time (on an analogue or digital clock) or pictures. Even a slide show with personal pictures is possible!

Gigaset 100A handset in charging cradle
Fully functional

Being reachable at all times is great. But sometimes it's too much: with the Gigaset PREMIUM 100, you decide for yourself when and who you want to talk to - and who not. If you wish, it can suppress the ringtone for anonymous calls so that you are not disturbed. You can also block anonymous calls altogether. In addition, you can set a time control to determine when the phone is allowed to ring, so you can control when you can be reached - and when not. Of course, particularly important callers or business contacts can be excluded: With a VIP address book entry, you can determine who will be put through at any time. And should you still miss a call? Then the illuminated message key and an indicator in the display will draw your attention to it.

Gigaset Box 100A base station
Integrated Answering Machine

The Gigaset PREMIUM 100A features an integrated answering machine on the separate base station. This allows you to connect your base station next to the phone line or router and not have to keep a handset there. The sophisticated answering machine has a capacity for up to 55 minutes of voicemail messages. Perfect for summer holidays! And you can set up the phone for remote access so that you can dial in and listen to messages from anywhere!

ECO Mode

If something is practical, it is not necessarily environmentally friendly. In this case, however, it is: the cordless phones from Gigaset are perfect companions for everyday use - and are kind to the environment. This is due to ECO DECT technology, which the PREMIUM 300 is also equipped with. ECO DECT means that your phone is radiation-free in standby mode. This is also the case when several handsets are in operation and the base and all registered handsets support ECO DECT. During a call, the transmission power automatically adjusts to the distance between the base and the handset. In other words: the shorter the distance to the base, the lower the radiation. If you want to use the maximum DECT range, you can deactivate the ECO DECT mode at any time.

Why should you buy this cordless phone?

The Gigaset Premium 100A is a stylish and impressive telephone that provides top-class sound quality, range, and excellent features!

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