How to Register a BT Handset

BT cordless phone handset being registered

Whether you've purchased an additional handset for your current setup, or you've got a multi-handset package, you may well find that you need to register a BT handset. Don't fear, though- we're here to help! To guide you through the process, just watch the video below. Or, if you'd rather take things at your own pace, you'll find step-by-step instructions further down the page. 

First of all, make sure that you've popped the batteries in the handset, and that it has enough power to last through the setup process. Usually, rechargeable batteries come with a little bit of power in them when you get them, but we'd recommend that you leave them to charge up fully before using them. With that out the way, make sure you're near your phone base, and have the handset you want to register to hand. Press the menu key on the handset, and scroll down until you find the settings option. Press select, then scroll down again to find the option for register, and press okay. The phone will then tell you to hold the "find" key on the base- on some models, it may be called the "pager" key. Whatever it's called on your model, hold it down for approximately five seconds. If the unit has an answer  machine built into the base, then it may make a beep when you've held it down for long enough. As long as you've held it for at least five seconds, though, it With that done, the handset should then pair up with the base automatically. You'll know that it works because you'll no longer get the "no base" message on the handset. You can also test it by pressing the "find" key again. This pages all handsets registered to the base- so if it's worked, then your new handset will ring. We hope that this article has been useful, and that you've now successfully registered your BT handset. If you have any questions, or need some extra support with your home phone, then our customer service team are always happy to help!

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