Top 3 Big Button Cordless Phones 2024

Top 3 Big Button Cordless Phones 2024

Cordless phones can be a lifeline for many elderly people. These are often their main method of keeping in touch with friends and family. However, when your home phone needs replacing it can be hard to find something suitable. Therefore, we’ve rounded up our list of the Best Big Button Cordless Phones for the Elderly based on our extensive customer survey conducted throughout the year, as well as in-house testing, independent customers reviews and feedback.

The following are the top 3 cordless big button phones of 2024:

1. Siemens Gigaset Premium E390A Big Button Cordless Phone

  • Best-in-class full duplex loudspeaker with HD sound
  • Extra loud volume boost & Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Large 2.2” TFT colour display with easy to read jumbo font
  • Nuisance call blocking
  • SOS emergency call function

The Gigaset Premium E390A is an adapted version of our Best Buy Cordless Phone and a top-rated phone by our customers. In addition to exceptional HD sound and the best full-duplex loudspeaker we have tested, the E390A boasts a host of additional features designed to make it easier for elderly users to get to grips with. The stylish handset is hearing aid compatible and boasts an “Extra-Loud” setting on both earpiece and loudspeaker to boost the volume.

The Gigaset Premium E390A is designed for ease-of-use with its big buttons, large easy to read display, and large font feature to increase the size of text on the display. The right function key serves as a defined emergency call key with SOS function. You can store up to 4 numbers on it, such as relatives or neighbours. These can then be automatically called in an emergency.

2. Siemens Gigaset E560A Big Button DECT Phone

  • High-contrast 1.8” black/white display with large font
  • Large, illuminated keys
  • Two sound profiles with 5 volume levels and additional volume boost
  • Answering machine with up to 25 minutes recording time

Next on our list is another entry from Gigaset. Featuring clear sound quality, large illuminated and separated buttons, and an easy to read, 1.8-inch, monochrome display with increased font size, the Gigaset E560A simplifies the process of making and receiving calls on a cordless phone. This handset is also hearing aid compatible, and comes with a convenient volume amplify feature. This temporarily boosts the volume during a call for those with impaired hearing.

The E560A offers brilliant sound quality, and users can easily adjust the volume even when in hands-free mode. With its two different sound settings – for high and low frequency settings – this handset can be easily adjusted to fit each user’s hearing requirements. In addition to these features, the Gigaset E560A has an integrated answering machine and gives you the option to expand with up to 4 handsets, making it an ideal landline telephone for the elderly.

3. BT 4600 Twin Big Button Cordless Phones

  • BT's latest one-touch blocking "hot key"
  • 200 Name & number phonebook
  • Block up to 1,000 numbers
  • Answering machine with 60min recording time

Last up on our list, we have the BT 4600 Twin. While BT's sound quality isn't quite up there with rivals Gigaset and Panasonic, the 4600 nevertheless comes with a number of useful features that still make it a great choice for older users. Its large, clearly-labelled buttons mean it's incredibly easy to use. The base's built-in answer machine- which can record up to 60 minutes'  worth of messages- also boasts large buttons, too.

What sets the BT 4600 apart, though, is its nuisance call blocking features. An automated call blocker prevents the majority of cold callers from getting through, and there's a one-touch blacklist button for those that do. You can block up to 1,000 numbers this way, so it's ideal for keeping repeat offenders at bay. Unfortunately, the inferior sound quality means we can't recommend this model as highly as the previous entries on our list, but given that this price includes two handsets, it's still worth a look.

The verdict: Big button cordless phones

With their large clear displays featuring extra-large fonts, large buttons, and a volume augment button, it is clear that all three handsets are specially designed to meet the unique needs of those getting on in years. They are all also easy to use with a nuisance call blocking feature. If sound quality isn't an issue, then the BT 4600 twin is a fair choice. Alternatively, you can enjoy the option to choose two sound profiles and up to 25 minutes of recording time on the Gigaset E560A. However, our top choice is the Gigaset Premium E390A. This is a stylish option for elderly users that delivers great sound, ease-of-use and top quality features.

Read full spec and customer reviews here.

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