How Tech Is Supporting Hybrid Working in 2022

How Tech Is Supporting Hybrid Working in 2022

The shift to remote working as a result of the pandemic completely changed our perception of work. This change in dynamic represents the biggest work culture shift for an entire generation. As this trend continues to develop, we are experiencing the rise and development of hybrid work.

However, this shift to a hybrid work system would not be possible without the support of technology. The introduction of this tech helps support employee-collaboration and develops smarter management solutions. The continuous development of this tech is crucial to maintain the shift to complete hybrid working.

There are a wide range of benefits available when adopting a hybrid work system. Both the employees and employer are able to benefit from this. However, it is vital that the correct tech infrastructure is in place to support this. There is also a necessity for the technology to continue to develop to be able to support new trends within the hybrid-work dynamic.

Changing Trends

Within a hybrid work system, the office essentially becomes an additional resource. An estimated 71% of the global workforce see this as purely being a social amenity. The general perception of the office is dramatically changing as more people opt for flexible working from home. However, it is essential that the employer provides the necessary tech to support this change.

The development of an effective hybrid work system greatly benefits the employees. Studies suggest that utilising hybrid work directly increases mental health and offers far greater flexibility. Employees are still able to complete their work and enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction with this.

Providing that the correct tech infrastructure is available, then hybrid working will be a success. As these trends continue to develop, the tech will continue to grow to support this.

Which Tech Supports This?

Hardware technology such as headsets were crucial when remote working first began. Ensuring that employees could maintain constant contact with one another was essential. Platforms including Microsoft Teams offered an easy method of conducting meetings and managing projects. These have all become staple features within the world of remote work.

Choosing high-quality headset brands such as Jabra and Sennheiser creates a higher standard of work. The crystal-clear audio available with both brands helps to streamline the communication process whilst working remotely. Whether this is in a team meeting or dealing with a client, a high-quality headset is always a strong recommendation.

In addition to this, there are a wide variety of headsets to accommodate different needs and requirements. This includes the style of the headset as well as the different connections that are available. No matter what, you will certainly find something suitable for everyone.

Headsets such as the Jabra Evolve2 continue to offer the highest quality available. These provide users with the ultimate audio and user-experience. With the technology available within these headsets, they really do set the standard. Perfect for remote work regardless of the sector or industry that you are operating in.

Jabra Evolve2 65 USB-C UC Stereo Wireless Headset

As we delve further into the world of hybrid work, it is essential that tech continues to develop. The advancement of technology is crucial in the enhancement of the employee's experience. For example, Jabra continues to pioneer a complete user-experience with the release of the Jabra PanaCast.

The Jabra PanaCast is the perfect example of how innovation in technology supports the world of hybrid work. This device revolutionises how businesses are able to conduct meetings. The inclusion of three 13-megapixel cameras with a 180° view provides the highest quality for any meetings.

Jabra PanaCast MS Intelligent 180° 4K Video Conference Solution

In addition to this, this device offers integration with Jabra conference speakers. This can connect with the Jabra Speak 710 to deliver an exceptional audio performance.

Video conferences and virtual meetings have become crucial within the world of hybrid working. In fact, studies show that employees feel just as productive when conducting meetings over video. This is why it is essential to ensure the correct tech is available to maximise the efficiency of these meetings.


The world of work is constantly changing as new trends emerge. The dynamic shift to a hybrid work system offers a great deal of benefits. Both the employer and the employee are able to experience these advantages.

However, this is only possible providing that the correct tech infrastructure is in place to support this. It is essential for employers to provide the necessary tech to help support their employees. This will vary depending on the individual role and requirements.

Furthermore, the constant development of technology is crucial to keep up with ever changing trends. The Jabra PanaCast is a prime example of this. Providing high-quality video solutions is one example of how developments in technology helps to support the hybrid work system.