The Audio Pro Addon C5A is the top-of-the-range model in the brand's multiroom speaker lineup. We've been impressed with their other models. But can this one top them all? Our experts put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what we thought of it!

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Design & build

Design-wise, the Audio Pro Addon C5A is almost identical to the Addon C5. Not that we're complaining, mind- we're big fans of the Addon range and its sleek, minimalist style. Available in white, black, or grey, the C5A doesn't need to rely on flashy looks to make an impression. Instead, it puts its audio components front and centre- you can clearly see from the front of the Addon C5A what the speaker setup is. Two small tweeters, each covered with a little metal grille, stand either side of the larger woofer. The tweeters are each covered by a metal grille, while the woofer is left exposed to avoid dampening the sound.

All the controls for the speaker are located on a metal panel on the top. These are all clearly labelled, so it doesn't take long to get to grips with them. They also have a satisfying "clunk" to them when pressed; they are a world away from the cheap plastic buttons you find on many other speakers. There's also a separate panel for the built-in Alexa feature, with an LED strip to tell you when the C5A is listening and a button to manually mute the microphone.

On the bottom of the speaker, four rubber feet keep it nice and secure, so there's no risk of accidentally tipping it over. Finally, on the top, there's a real leather carry handle to add the perfect finishing touch to a speaker that's the very definition of premium.

Audio Pro Addon C5A Design

Sound performance

Audio Pro are renowned for their great sound quality, and the Addon C5A certainly lives up to that reputation. Although it's roughly the same size as the Audio Pro Addon C3, the C5A lacks a built-in rechargeable battery. That means there's more space inside for the core audio components, giving you extra bang for your buck.

Thanks to its separate woofer, the Addon C5A really excels at providing deep, rich bass. This is something often lacking from Bluetooth speakers. It also means that the twin tweeters can focus solely on the high end, for clearer separation that lets whatever you're listening to really shine. Whether you're in to the latest chart-toppers or vintage classical music, you'll find that the C5A performs brilliantly across all genres.

To find something with better performance, you'd have to spend considerably more money on a speaker- and it would have to be something much larger than this one, too. For its size, the Addon C5A is far and away the best speaker we've tested. You don't get much higher praise than that!

Audio Pro Addon C5A Sound


The main feature that sets the Addon C5A apart from its sibling models is voice control. The "A" in its name stands for Alexa, which is integrated into the speaker. This feature works really well, and since it uses Alexa, a lot of people will already be familiar with how it works. If you have a premium Spotify  or Amazon Music subscription, then you can instantly play music with voice commands. What's more, the Alexa feature also lets the Addon C5A function as an internet radio.

This aside, the C5A also includes all the features of the Addon C5, including multiroom connectivity. Just pair the speaker up with any others in the Addon range via the Audio Pro app, and you can start enjoying whole-home listening. The app can sometimes be a little slow to respond, but the Alexa feature on the C5A means you can bypass this completely and control everything with just your voice.

Audio Pro Addon C5A Features

Audio Pro Addon C5A: The Verdict

The Audio Pro Addon C5A is the jewel in the crown of the brand's multiroom range. With the same stellar sound quality as its sister models, but with the addition of voice control, the C5A is the perfect speaker for the modern listener.

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